Fun sober activities

15 Fun Sober Activities and Things to Do

Finding sober things to do in your free time can help you maintain sobriety and enjoy all life offers. Transitioning to this new lifestyle may seem challenging, but discovering fun sober activities is exciting once you know where to start. 

How to Have Fun Sober

A sober lifestyle can be filled with fun activities and new opportunities. Consider the following tips for enjoying life to the fullest while maintaining sobriety:

  • Nurture healthy relationships: Spend time with friends and family who support your sobriety. Letting go of unhealthy relationships and hanging out with others who avoid alcohol can encourage you to maintain sobriety.
  • Adjust your schedule: If evening dinners or certain weekend activities trigger drug or alcohol cravings, consider adjusting your schedule. Plan midday brunches, family breakfasts or fun day trips to avoid situations involving alcohol.
  • Shift your mindset: Instead of focusing on the fun times you had in the past, focus on the present moment and your future. Be mindful of each moment, appreciating every friendly smile, beautiful landscape, icecream cone and adventure you encounter.
How to have fun sober

15 Fun Sober Activities and Things to Do

Finding fun things to do sober may be easier than you think. If partying, drinking or using substances was your previous source of enjoyment, you can quickly discover how much more fulfilling and enjoyable a sober life is. Consider the following sober activities:

1. Hike a Breathtaking Trail

Being outside reduces stress levels, and physical exercise releases dopamine — a neurotransmitter that helps enhance your mood. Hiking a trail is an excellent way to immerse yourself in nature while boosting dopamine levels. Trails such as Sedona’s beautiful scenic loops can leave you in awe of nature’s healing energy and stunning landscapes. Enjoy a solo hike to boost your self-confidence, or invite some friends along for a group excursion. 

2. See a New Movie

Movies are more fun at the theater, and getting out to catch the latest release is a fantastic sober activity. You can enjoy a brand-new movie on the big screen without the distractions you typically have at home. Whether you check out the latest tear-jerker, comedy or horror film, seeing a movie is a memorable way to get out and distract yourself. Watching a movie in a room with other people also adds to a movie’s excitement because you can laugh, cry, scream and jump while others enjoy the same experience.

3. Experience a Museum

Embrace curiosity and fascination with a trip to an art, science or history museum. You can explore a heritage site to learn about local traditions and culture or peruse an art gallery to nourish your soul and spark creativity. Whether you admire abstract paintings, walk through a restored historical building or learn more about prehistoric sea creatures, a museum can remind you how beautiful and exciting a sober life can be.

4. Go Shopping

Shopping is one way to treat yourself. Whether you want to browse through charming shops, update your wardrobe, find supplies for a new hobby or give your home a new look, shopping is one of the easiest things to do sober. Consider gathering art tools for a creative endeavor or fishing lures for a new outdoor hobby. 

5. Enjoy a Game of Bowling

Bowling is enjoyable at any age, so it’s an excellent sober activity to share with friends or family. Amp up the excitement with some friendly competition for a sober night out.

6. Try Gardening

Gardening is a relaxing and therapeutic sober activity. Working with your hands in the sunshine is very healing, and maintaining a beautiful garden can increase your self-esteem. This soothing activity can inspire creativity and reduce stress, helping you maintain mental health and balance emotions. 

7. Go Horseback Riding

If you enjoy the outdoors and being around animals, horseback riding is the perfect sober activity for you. Horseback riding lets you build trust, enjoy serene trails, develop confidence and be around beautiful animals.

8. Embark on an Adventure

Exhilarating adventures are exceptional sober activities if you seek the occasional adrenaline rush. Whether you go whitewater rafting, base-jumping, bungee jumping or zip-lining, an adventure can make you feel more alive than ever and remind you that there’s more excitement outside the partying lifestyle.

9. Take a Jeep Tour

Jeep tours are another option if you’re the adventurous type but desire less of an adrenaline rush. A Jeep tour takes you across rough terrain and through gorgeous landscapes. You can learn about history while enjoying a bumpy ride on a stunning trail.

10. Learn a New Skill

A new skill can significantly boost your confidence and may turn into a new hobby or career. Local businesses often offer engaging classes and workshops to introduce people to different art forms and skills. You can learn to cook, paint, make pottery, decorate cakes, complete woodworking projects, play an instrument, speak another language or dance. 

Some towns feature clubs that teach various dance forms and host socials so you can meet new people while learning how to dance. Learning a specific style, such as swing or West Coast swing, can boost your confidence to socialize and dance sober if you used to rely on alcohol in social situations.

Sharpening the skills you already have also presents opportunities for fun sober activities. For example, if you enjoy writing, you can join a critique group and share ideas with like-minded individuals or attend an open mic night and share your poetry. If you enjoy rock climbing, consider joining a club or competition group to learn new techniques and increase your skills.

11. Plan a Gathering

Consider planning a sober gathering if your previous events and holidays involved drugs or alcohol. A sober gathering is an excellent opportunity to connect with friends and family who support your sobriety and enjoy having fun without substance use. Whether you plan a simple summer cookout or an elaborate theme party, you can fill your weekends with memorable moments while building healthy relationships. 

12. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is important for mental and physical health but can also be rejuvenating. Schedule a massage or a full spa day to indulge in some relaxation, or use some fancy skills from a cooking class to prepare a nutritious meal for yourself. You can also practice self-care by reading a book in a cozy spot, going for a relaxing swim, taking a leisurely walk or enjoying a warm bath with relaxing music. 

13. Go Camping

Camping is a fun, sometimes adventurous way to enjoy sobriety. You can gather around a comforting campfire with loved ones, gaze at the stars at night and fall asleep to a symphony of crickets. Pitch a tent for a more rugged experience, or book a luxury glamping tent to enjoy the outdoors in extra comfort.

14. Attend a Meditative Sound Bath

A sound bath uses various instruments to surround attendees with healing sounds. Consider attending a sound bath to relax and balance your energy. The sounds of gongs, chimes, percussion instruments, tuning forks and chimes can help you feel more calm and at ease.

15. Attend a Concert or Visit a Jazz Café

See your favorite artist live or enjoy a coffee at a local jazz café if you enjoy music. Music can inspire you, support your healing and help you have a good time without drugs or alcohol.

Purse a sober life at The Sanctuary at Sedona

Pursue a Sober Life at The Sanctuary at Sedona

As you create more memories without drugs or alcohol, embracing and enjoying a sober life becomes easier. The Sanctuary at Sedona helps people heal and break free from addiction. We operate as a dual diagnosis treatment center to address substance use and co-occurring conditions. Healing the root of your addiction with holistic treatment methods helps improve long-term recovery results and quality of life. Contact The Sanctuary to pursue a new, sober life with compassionate support and evidence-based, integrative treatment.