Cocaine’s Effects On Your Energy Centers

There’s a reason cocaine is so addictive – because it feels good. When it’s snorted, smoked or injected, it crosses the blood-brain barrier right away, resulting in an intense rush. Your confidence immediately soars, inhibitions vanish and energy levels skyrocket… until shortly afterwards, when it all comes crashing depressingly down.  

If cocaine’s perceived effects are that strong, imagine what it’s doing to you in ways you can’t see. Your body is its own energy field, and your life force flows through a series of energy centers, or chakras interspersed throughout it. Drugs have a profound effect on this entire system.

How Cocaine Upsets Our Energy System

Naturally, as spiritual beings, our bodies, minds, souls and spirits desire to stay in balance. When they’re not – when there’s toxicity and obstruction in our energy system – it makes us feel bad. And all too often, we think of drugs as a shortcut to feeling better again. But this quick-fix approach not only makes us feel worse, but harms us on a deep, energetic level that puts us even more out of touch with our true, best selves. And because all of our systems are interconnected, what hurts one hurts the other: damage to your energetic system can show up in all other forms of physical and mental ailments.

While all mind-altering substances affect your energy centers, cocaine addiction tends to affect specific ones more than others:  

Root Chakra

This energy center is the source of your commitment, stability and routines. When it’s healthy, it can help us feel safe, secure and stable. But when it’s out of balance, it can sink you deeper into unhealthy habits, making you feel stuck. Cocaine addiction is associated with overactiveness of the root chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the source of your spiritually guided willpower; the part of you that puts you in greater control of your life. It’s related to your adrenaline and metabolism, as well as your fears and anxieties – all areas that are heavily impacted by cocaine use.

Cocaine is a powerful drug that disrupts our energetic connectivity and flow, creating a broken state in which we’re, vulnerable to all kinds of harm, and more likely to seek comfort in other toxic behaviors and substances. Healing from cocaine use is all about correcting these energetic pathways and strengthening our connection to our higher selves.

Energy Medicine in Drug Rehab

Holistically and Completely Recovering From Cocaine Addiction

While it’s not uncommon for people to experience sober periods between cocaine binges, the fact is that until you’re healed energetically from the damages cocaine has cause, it’s likely that you’ll continue to go back to it. Because cocaine is so extremely psychologically addictive, detoxing is acute in the early stages. But once you address its root cause, you’ll see that the intense cravings that once felt like an inescapable trap simply fall away.

At The Sanctuary, we don’t promote self-defeating beliefs that perpetuate victimhood and lead self-fulfilling lifelong addiction. We understand the powerful connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and how we can use this to positively influence our lives. By challenging our beliefs and learning true self-love and self-empowerment, we can create our own destinies, and be fully recovered.  

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