Addiction and Chronic Relapse

Addiction and Chronic Relapse

Chronic Addiction Relapse – Pain, Struggle and Confusion

What addict hasn’t lived with pain, struggle and confusion, and the awful expectancy of them continuing on into a seemingly interminable future? The entrapment addicts feel is deep and tortuous. When this addiction relapse cycle happens in your life you can’t see a positive future and in fact, you are convinced there isn’t one—not for you at least.

Even repeated and earnest attempts to recover fail again and again for countless people. Some struggle for decades in a vicious and worsening cycle of temporary abstinence and recurring relapse. Unfortunately, addicts and their loved ones know that each relapse could be the last. That’s the nature of this disease. It consumes more lives every day. You simply cannot maintain hope in conditions like that. You are at the mercy of an unending series of traumatic events when you are addicted because addiction itself is traumatic.

There is Hope

The Sanctuary at Sedona holds out hope for recovery to anyone whose life has been affected by addiction. If you, too, have struggled through recovery attempts and relapses, we can help you. Our holistic addiction recovery program is unlike anything else you have tried before. No matter how beleaguered you feel, there is a great deal of hope here. We know that we can help you if you are willing to do the work. If you are new to treatment and recovery, there is very good news for you, too: you can take care of this now and not struggle for years like so many have.


These are not flippant promises. Our own lives, and the lives of our clients, are proof that our program works. Every professional here lives the practice we offer you to transform your own life. You have at least two daily individual sessions so we can teach, support, and guide you. We don’t know of any other program that does that. We do know that the results of such an intensive program are profound and sustainable change.

We Lean Heavily on Science to Offer You Hope

Addiction is a relentless and catastrophic condition if it continues. Our passion is to bring hope to those who have fallen into hopelessness and to facilitate radical change so that anyone who wants to be well can be. We are always committed to finding what works. We are a non-12 Step program grounded in the latest scientific breakthroughs and have also incorporated information from ancient healing traditions that have finally been validated by science, too.

Chronic Relapse

Despite working hard to beat addiction and other chronic conditions like codependence, trauma, anxiety, and depression, many of our clients chronically relapsed before they come to us. They weren’t able to break free of the vicious cycle in which temporary progress was always followed by another relapse. The holistic protocol we use here in Sedona, however, gets to the underlying causes of that cycle so people can finally transform themselves at the root cause of chronic relapse.

We invite you to hear from our former clients who speak about their experiences in our program. They discuss their long struggles to get well and stay well and how The Sanctuary at Sedona helped them do that. We also have a video library you can browse in which our staff members and clients discuss the work we do at The Sanctuary. If you would like more information about Chronic Addiction Relapse – Pain, Struggle and Confusion you can contact us by phone at (877) 710-3385, or by email at [email protected]