Why Residential Rehab Helps You To Be Recovered From Addiction

Healing from addiction is not an easy process – anyone who’s tried quit a substance on their own and experienced the searing emotions that rise to the surface when a heavily-relied-upon crutch is taken away can attest to this. It takes far more than just willpower or a few therapy sessions to change patterns of thinking and behavior that have become ingrained in your being for quite some time, on every level.

That’s why inpatient rehabs play such an important role in battling addiction. Residential treatment centers provide the most intensive level of care available, and a comprehensive program that you’ll be immersed in 24/7. Truly overcoming addiction entails far more than just getting sober. It requires you to get to the root of what causes it – a deeper, more involved process that’s best undertaken when you’re in the right space mentally and physically. A residential rehab can provide you with just that, and you can expect to make serious progress in as little as a 30-day stay.

Well-Rounded, Thorough Addiction Treatment

Your mind, body and spirit are interconnected, and they’ve all been affected by addiction – you need an integrative healing process that engages all of them. Residential treatment centers offer a comprehensive approach to recovery that includes therapies like one-on-one and group counseling, alternative medicine, body and energy work, spiritual practice, fitness and nutrition to help you process traumas and heal in all aspects of your self. You’ll work with a team of addiction experts who collaborate to meet your needs – and since private rehabs attract top-tier staff, you may have the opportunity to work with some of the best practitioners in their field.

In a residential setting, you’ll also receive addiction education – that is, you’ll learn how addiction works within you, equipping you with a better understanding of how to actively avoid its grasp in the future.  

A Safe, Supportive Setting Where You Can Fully Focus on Your Recovery Journey

Residential rehabs provide a calm environment, away from your normal surroundings, where you won’t be confronted with the triggers and stressors you may encounter on a day-to-day basis. Since you’ll be removed from many of the things that compel you to use, you’ll incur less temptation and stress, freeing up space in your mind to focus on positive aspects of your progress. After all, positive life changes are easier to make in a new environment.

At an inpatient facility, you’ll have full days structured around your recovery, effectively removing the uncertainty and guesswork that can be so stressful in the early days of sobriety and accelerating your progress. If you’re physically addicted to a substance, you’ll also get help with your withdrawal symptoms.

Caring, Compassionate Staff Prepared to Help You Heal

Right now, it might be hard to conceive of taking time out from your everyday obligations and the things that constantly call for your attention. But the truth is that you will gain so much more of your life back once you’re healed from your addiction. You’ll not only be around for your partner, your kids, your friends and your community, but you’ll be present – you’ll be the you they want to see. And, you’ll realize how much more time, space and money you have in your life when it’s not all being wasted on substances and processes that aren’t serving you.

At The Sanctuary, our team is completely dedicated to your recovery experience. Our small size and low staff-to-client ratio let you easily get to know your counselors and become a part of our family. Whether it’s sharing a deeply personal experience or simply sharing a meal together, we’ll be here to listen and support you at any time. In fact, our senior staff live right on campus to make sure of it.

To learn more about the benefits of a holistic approach to recovery, see our article – What Makes Integrative Addiction Recovery Different?

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