Neurogenesis: Healing the Brain

Neurogenesis: Healing the Brain


Birth of Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis: Healing the Brain. Bridging Shamanism and Neuroscience is particularly important at this time of rapid and dramatic planetary change. Individually and collectively we are facing increased stress in our lives; the economy, family systems, politics and environmental toxins to name a few. Trying to manage this stress entrains the brain to operate in survival mode, allocating resources away from higher brain functions. More people than ever are turning to prescription drugs and alcohol to manage their intensified levels of stress, anxiety, panic and depression. The energy of the ups and downs and the highs and lows of the overall uncertainty of life in these times is often just too much to deal with.

The latest research in Neuroscience is that there are specific processes to heal the brain and develop higher brain functioning. Specifically, Neurogenesis means that the human brain has the ability to create new neurons throughout a person’s life and allows for the possibility of healing neurodegenerative disorders previously considered incurable such as Alzheimer’s. A brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protective brain hormone, is important in the creation of the new neurons, as well as protecting existing neurons. External stress caused by drug abuse and environmental toxins as well as internal stress has been scientifically proven to be a cause of brain degeneration. Science has proven it is possible to increase the levels of (BDNF) through non-pharmaceutical interventions which can be as simple as calorie reduction, fasting, and mental and physical exercise. This means that the brain, like other organs in the body, can regenerate itself.

Neuroplasticity shows that the brain can rewire itself and create new neural networks, which allows us to overcome traumatic instinctual and emotional responses as well as adapt to brain injuries. Following a specific regimen which can include meditation to alter brainwave activity, supplements that feed the brain as well as with specific, focused and willed mental activity and conscious intention setting, a person can alter their brain hardware.

Neurogenesis Research

Part of The Radical Transformation™ Program is based on the work of our colleagues Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. and David Perlmutter, M.D., F.A.C.N., in their book Power Up Your Brain, which not only provides compelling new scientific data about Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis, but specific mind, body, soul related protocols for brain healing and development. Specific foods, supplements, meditation techniques, focused intention exercises, physical exercises as well as other detailed protocols, have been shown effective in creating new neural pathways as well as in reducing brain degeneration thereby allowing the brain the ability to create new neurons.

In addition to utilizing mind and body protocols, exercises for the spirit and the soul are also practiced to help with powering up the brain. The ancient wisdom keepers predicted this particularly chaotic time in history and passed down a body of teachings; everything we need to know, to move through this time, to heal our minds, bodies, souls and spirits and to reach our full human potential.

All of this means that we now have ways to heal and retrain our brain to handle the new modern day stressors, both external and internal. We no longer need to be experiencing life in constant hyper-vigilant state; where our fight, flight and freeze mechanism is always in the “on” position as we wait for the proverbial other shoe to drop.

This offers hope to those suffering from chronic stress, and other related stress related disorders, which often lead to addictions. Addictions are often due to someone self-medicating in the best way they know how. Addictions are a coping mechanism to stop pain and suffering. The Radical Transformation™ Holistic Recovery Program provides the latest methods, based on the most recent neuroscience research combined with ancient wisdom practices, to show people alternative ways to recover from addictions, beyond the 12-Step Program.