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How Can I Overcome Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

No two people have the same experience of addiction: each of us comes with our own story. But the reality is, human beings can only hurt in so many ways. Most of us have a core theme – an abandonment, abuse, separation or betrayal wound – that underlies all of our struggles with substance abuse. And these are part of the normal human condition.

You may have tried support groups or rehab programs to get sober before, or even just started to research addiction recovery. And if that’s the case, you’ve probably come across a lot of information that makes sustainable sobriety sound nearly impossible.

We’d like to challenge that idea.

We’ve seen otherwise in our 15+ years of experience treating addiction. And we’re here to tell you that not only can you get rid of an alcohol or drug addiction, but you can live a life so fulfilling that you no longer identify with it at all. But it requires you to open yourself to the idea of real change.

Is Addiction Really Incurable?

When we hear countless times that addiction is a lifelong, incurable disease, we begin to think it’s true.

If you’ve been a part of any kind of recovery community before, you’ve probably heard over and over that addiction is a disease. And as such, you’re going to be stuck with it for the rest of your life. As a result, you might come to identify strongly with your diagnosis and the coping strategies you use to deal with it.

This may be the dominant view in mainstream addiction treatment, but it is in fact based on old science. And new research not only shows that we can recover from addiction, but that our efforts to do so increase our resilience.

Research also shows that we can only accomplish what we believe to be possible. So if we think recovery is completely out of reach, where does that leave us?

And what would happen if we believed we could heal for good?

Taking Recovery a Step Deeper

At The Sanctuary, we want to help people understand themselves and their ability to heal in a way they never have before. And we know that this requires a holistic approach.

To us, holistic means treating the whole person: the totality of your body, mind, soul, and spirit. We store our traumas in our bodies and unconscious minds, and they affect our souls and our energetic systems. True recovery requires us to heal on all of these levels.

We’re fortunate to have some of the most advanced experts in this fieldwork with us to create and continually develop our program. And our team members draw on their own, diverse practices to create the most comprehensive possible healing experience for our clients.

If you’ve tried various approaches for years and still feel like you haven’t gotten to the bottom of what’s bothering you, you’re not alone. This is the case for so many people who eventually find The Sanctuary. We’re here to help you find out, once and for all, what’s underneath it all. Our goal isn’t just to diagnose a problem so you can manage it. It’s to guide you towards complete transformation, so you can experience life beyond addiction.

A New Definition of Success

Success rates for both AA and conventional rehab programs in the US are around 5-10%. This is roughly the same for people who get sober without any formal treatment. And the way this “success” is measured is abstinence from substances over a certain period of time. But we wonder: how did people live during that time? Were they happy? Did they have a full and functional life?

At The Sanctuary, we see things from a different perspective. And in our model, success in addiction treatment is the norm. We regularly survey all of our clients to measure their quality of life before, during, and after treatment. And we use technology like brain mapping and HeartMath to show you your progress in real-time.

Changing Our Beliefs

It’s amazing what can happen when we fundamentally believe that we’re not flawed, broken, or diseased for life. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with the core of who you are. But reaching this understanding can be very difficult when you’re conditioned to believe that there is.

The Sanctuary experience allows you to shift the way you perceive yourself, in a way you can know and feel. And once this happens, all the therapeutic work you do takes on new meaning. New possibilities open. This, of course, includes the ability to fully recover from addiction.

Recovery – and so Much More – is Possible for You

As one former client says:

“This truly was a healing. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. I don’t think there’s anything else like this place in the world.”

Find out what you can achieve when you feel connected and whole. Contact us to learn more about this unique healing journey today.