An Eagle's Eye View of Holistic Addiction Recovery in Sedona

An Eagle’s Eye View of Holistic Addiction Recovery in Sedona

Holistic Addiction Recovery from a Higher Perspective

An Eagle’s Eye View of Holistic Addiction Recovery in Sedona. The Sanctuary at Sedona began with a vision of helping others achieve a full and sustainable recovery from addiction. That continues to be our mission. We have been fortunate enough to witness full recovery in the lives of many throughout the years. Our program works because it goes to the root cause of addiction—beyond symptom management to whatever has caused symptoms in the first place. We have discovered in our own lives, in science and in the lives of our clients, that full recovery is possible if we can heal the underlying trauma that has caused it. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our work at The Sanctuary at Sedona.

Ours is a very different paradigm than other recovery centers in several ways. We are a non-12 Step program, for example, although we find value in those programs. We know that 12 Step programs help many, many people and we honor anyone’s participation in them. They are free in the community and widely available. We trust that people have access to them. What we have to offer is not so readily available. We immerse you in a healing process that addresses the mind, body, soul, and spirit simultaneously.

Another significant difference in our approach is that we want more for our clients than symptom management and a life-long fear of disease. Living with the mindset that addiction simply lies dormant in recovery defies what we now know from science: that trauma can be released and the brain can change. This means that addiction can be healed and we can be disease-free rather than managers of a life-long disease. We don’t have to be disease-focused for the rest of our lives even when we have stopped using. We can shift our energy toward living the life we want to live. We can live with purpose and meaning instead of fear.

When we began to build the Sanctuary, our vision was of a recovery far different than was offered anywhere. We sought a higher level of wellness, awareness and experience that only a deep life transformation can give. That vision took hold and continues to evolve. We continue to offer an unparalleled program. We offer our clients the opportunity to experience transformation at profound levels and to unlock the possibilities of a full and sustainable recovery. They can be free of addiction and free of the need to manage symptoms in their abstinence from substance use. We are very excited about this work and the opportunity to witness deep transformation in the lives of our clients.

Hear our Founder and Co-Director, Dean Taraborelli, share what makes the Sanctuary’s program different here.  You can hear more from Dean on our YouTube Channel:  The Sanctuary’s Non 12 Step Program.

If you would like more information, on An Eagle’s Eye View of Holistic Addiction Recovery in Sedona. or any of our holistic non 12 step addiction recovery programs you can contact us by phone at (877) 710-3385, or by email at [email protected]

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He is the Founder, Administrator, Counselor at the Sanctuary at Sedona.

He has a BA in Political Science and is currently Senior teaching staff at Four Winds Society, an international school of energy medicine. His credentials also include being an Ordained Minister; a Certified Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator; a Founding Member Society for Shamanic Practitioners; a Member of Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology; a Member of the National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies. [email protected]