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Alternative Holistic PTSD Treatment Center

We understand how exhausting it is to live in a constant state of fear. And we also know how frustrating it is to feel like despite your best efforts, you can’t shake the sleeplessness, anxiety, and burnout from living on high alert. Feeling like you’ve tried everything, but can’t seem to make the progress you really want to, can start to paint a picture of hopelessness.

But that’s not the end of the story.

It is possible to overcome PTSD and feel like yourself again. The Sanctuary’s 30-Day, residential, alternative, holistic PTSD treatment program can help you get there, by healing your trauma in all the places where it lives: your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Call us at (866) 750-0763 to speak with a counselor now.

What are the Symptoms of PTSD?

When you experience a traumatic event that overwhelms your ability to cope, your response can escalate into a collection of symptoms we call post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This can happen within a few months of the event, or even years later.

Common PTSD symptoms include:

  • Reliving your trauma through disturbing memories, nightmares, or flashbacks
  • Avoidance of things you associate with the trauma: people, places, and activities
  • Hypervigilance: always feeling on high alert
  • Problems with attention and focus
  • Increased irritability
  • Dissociation: being unable to feel emotions or bodily sensations
  • Inability to remember what happened during the event
  • Physical reactions to reminders of the event
  • Trust issues; feeling disconnected from the people around you
  • Believing the world is generally unsafe
  • Survivor’s guilt or self-blame
  • Becoming uninterested in things you normally enjoy
  • Feeling generally negative and pessimistic

Trauma-related stress is considered PTSD when these symptoms last for a month or more and interfere with your daily life.

Who is at Risk for PTSD?

Your response depends on your capacity for trauma-induced stress, not the scale of the trauma itself. Therefore, whether or not you develop PTSD is completely personal. Not all trauma leads to PTSD, and trauma responses vary from person to person.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can result from experiencing a traumatic event yourself. But it can also come from witnessing someone else’s trauma, or learning about something traumatic that happened to someone close to you. You can also develop second-hand trauma as a result of repeated exposure to others’ disturbing experiences. This often happens to those who work as emergency responders or with marginalized groups.

How Does Alternative Holistic Treatment for PTSD Work?

While PTSD can feel like living in a constant state of crisis, the good news is that crisis provides an opportunity for growth. This kind of marked discomfort serves as a signal that something deep within us is in need of our attention.

At The Sanctuary, we address PTSD using a holistic treatment approach. This means that rather than using a singular treatment method (like talk therapy), we use various healing techniques to treat the whole of you. This includes your:


We store traumas, toxins, and tensions in our body. In fact, our bodies contain a record of everything that’s ever happened to us. That’s why it’s important to heal physical aspects of trauma and release it from where it’s held on a cellular level.

We harness our knowledge of the gut-brain connection to encourage healthy serotonin production using a healing diet. We also provide movement therapies and bodywork to help you physically let go of trauma. This bypasses the retraumatization that talk therapy can sometimes cause.


Just because we’re holistic doesn’t mean we don’t use medication. PTSD treatment at The Sanctuary includes in-depth psychiatric attention and hands-on support for your prescription needs. But through our holistic process, many of our clients find that they’re able to take less medication because their symptoms are reduced via other therapeutic methods.

We understand that in order to get beyond just managing symptoms, you need to understand what’s causing them. And that happens on a subconscious level. Ninety-five percent of your mind is unconscious – that is, it’s behind your awareness.

Most of the things that drive behaviors and patterns in your life live in this part of your mind. This includes all of your unresolved traumas, wounds, and dysfunctional beliefs. To heal these, we have to access the subconscious parts of the mind, so that they’re brought into our awareness. And once that happens, we can process them in talk therapy. Then, we start to see real progress towards feeling better.


The demands of the soul are one of the most important aspects of ourselves. Our soul is our essence; our truest and most authentic nature. It’s who we are before all of our wounds, traumas, and addictions. Your soul is where you derive your meaning.

Sometimes, through our experiences of trauma, we learn that it’s not safe to be ourselves. We get the message that it’s not okay to express who we truly are, and we begin to separate from that essential self. And the more that happens, the worse we feel.

At The Sanctuary, we pay special attention to healing your soul from trauma and PTSD. We do this through therapies involving creativity and ritual: the languages the soul speaks. This allows you to reconnect to your true nature, and free yourself to live happily and authentically.


The way we interact with the world around us has a lot to do with our own energy system. Peer-reviewed science confirms that our own, bodily electrical systems are connected to a larger energetic field. And when this becomes compromised in some way, it directly hijacks our nervous system.

Through the use of energy medicine and energy psychology, we’re able to access and heal this system. The Sanctuary is home to highly skilled energy practitioners who play an important role in your recovery journey.

In order for a PTSD treatment program to be truly holistic, it needs to work on all of these things. When we have a problem in one of these areas, it affects all the others. But when we work on all of them together, our chances of full and lasting recovery from PTSD are drastically increased.

I’ve Struggled With PTSD for a Long Time. Is Alternative Holistic Treatment for Me?

What makes alternative holistic PTSD treatment at The Sanctuary so effective is the combined synergy of our program components.

Recently, more rehab centers have begun offering complementary therapies like yoga and meditation as additions to their program. And we recognize that this is great progress. But unless they’re integrated into a comprehensive program, their full power isn’t being utilized.

Many of our clients to us after seeing various doctors and therapists for years without having gained any real traction. That’s because, while each of these different pieces may be beneficial, they haven’t been integrated.

At The Sanctuary, everything you do during your stay with us is a progression of what you’ve done before. Each morning, you’ll receive a personal schedule with all of your therapies and activities for the day. And each of these is carefully coordinated by a team of therapists, who work together to serve your recovery process in the most effective way.

Tying all the pieces together in this way makes our program so much stronger. And this is what alternative holistic treatment at The Sanctuary is powerful enough to overcome issues as serious and deeply rooted as PTSD.

How Can I Get Treatment for PTSD?

 To start your healing journey with us, all you have to do is call. We’re a small center, and your call will be answered promptly by a human who’s ready to help. Our admissions coordinator will help you arrange your logistics and make sure you have everything you need to reach us easily. And we’ll start getting to know each other before you even arrive, so you and your loved ones can feel completely comfortable that you’re in good hands.

We know making these changes is a challenge. That’s why we’re committed to supporting you the whole way through.

Take Action for Your PTSD Treatment. Call Us Today.

Our holistic treatment program has helped so many people recover from PTSD, even when they thought hope was lost. Here’s what a few of our former clients say about their experience with us:

“The experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. Overall, the services provided and lessons learned have been extremely beneficial to my well-being and personal growth in the areas of stress reduction, trauma and addiction recovery, and lifestyle management.

“The program is phenomenal and addresses all levels of soul sickness.”

“I have learned more and gained more than I ever expected.”

Are you ready to live the life you deserve? Contact us online or call us at (866) 750-0763 to get started.


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