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Why is Ketamine Therapy Used for Anxiety?

Ketamine is an FDA-approved surgical anesthetic that has been used for decades. In fact, it’s one of the most common drugs used in surgeries where patients must remain conscious. As you can imagine, procedures like these can be extremely anxiety-triggering. It was during these surgeries that medical professionals first noted ketamine’s stress and anxiety-relieving capabilities. 

Today, studies have proven that ketamine can relieve psychological pain and stress, while also creating new opportunities for emotional healing. That’s why ketamine is a breakthrough treatment for anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, and addiction. And there’s overwhelming evidence that ketamine is just as (if not more) effective as conventional depression and anxiety medication.

How Ketamine Works

When safely administered, ketamine can promote neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and grow its neural networks. So, ketamine can actually help some people’s brains reorganize neural pathways and create new connections which can lead to positive behavioral and psychological changes.

Additionally, when given in low, sub-anesthetic doses, ketamine can help you access emotions that you may be repressing or feel unable to access without being overwhelmed. People who have experienced ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) notice that it helps them by:

  1. Giving their mind a break from negative thinking
  2. Helping them connect with their innermost feelings
  3. Increasing their awareness of “self” in relation to the world around them

All of these effects can enhance your ability to meaningfully engage in healing your mind, body, and spirit. This is why, when combined with a holistic approach to anxiety treatment, ketamine can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you create long-term, positive changes in your life.

What is Ketamine-Assisted Treatment?

Studies show that ketamine can effectively treat anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD as a standalone treatment. When used at a low dose, it can help ease anxiety, which gives your body time to recover from intensive therapies. And in slightly higher doses, and with the guidance of a therapist in a healing environment, ketamine can help you reach into the depths of your mind to uncover the roots of your anxiety.

A growing body of research shows that the positive effects of ketamine therapy can be enhanced and sustained even more when combined with additional therapies, like talk therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). That’s why, if you’re a candidate for KAT at The Sanctuary, we holistically integrate this powerful therapy into your overall anxiety treatment program.

The Sanctuary’s Ketamine Therapy Program

Most outpatient KAT clinics simply administer ketamine and send clients home at the end of a session. But at The Sanctuary, our unique, personalized approach offers you comprehensive support before, during, and after your KAT experience. Our residential rehab facility’s controlled environment gives you the calming, supportive space to process, embrace and embody what you learn. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with others on similar recovery journeys. And together, you can create a synergetic environment that promotes healing, acceptance, and empowerment.

Calming the Body and Mind

Here, ketamine-assisted treatment for anxiety begins by disengaging your body’s survival mode. Our first priority is creating a safe, comfortable space where you can feel at home. A nutritious diet and healing movement during nature hikes and bodywork further calm your nervous system and relax your being. 

A Supportive, Healing Environment

Once your body and mind feel safe, you can begin the more intensive work of healing your deeper wounds. Our on-staff, licensed medical professionals carefully plan and oversee all KAT sessions. These sessions include no more than six clients at a time. 

Every KAT session begins with an intention-setting ceremony. This helps you center your mind to be fully present and prepared for the ketamine therapy experience. Next, our nurses administer the ketamine at our on-site ketamine facility. The Sanctuary’s KAT room doesn’t feel clinical but rather feels calming and welcoming. Your cozy KAT setting is complete with natural colors and decor, comfortable couches and blankets, and a relaxing playlist. Once you settle in, two to three staff members will be present at all times to guide you through your two-hour journey. You’ll feel rested, safe, and open to heal.

Surrounding Support

In addition to our unique healing environment, The Sanctuary’s holistic approach ensures that your mind, body, and spirit have the nourishment and space you need for recovery. After treatment, you’ll enjoy an organic dinner of anti-inflammatory superfoods to help you recover and recharge. You’ll share meals with your fellow KAT patients in a casual space where you’ll be able to process your experiences together. And the next day, you’ll meet with your individual therapist to explore and process what happened in your KAT session.

An Integrative Approach to Recovery

Ketamine therapy has the potential to help you break down your emotional barriers and accelerate your healing, especially in a space that’s tailored to recovery.

The Sanctuary’s integrative approach means that you will be provided with a comfortable and supportive space, where empathetic and experienced professionals will assist you through this life-altering journey. You’ll be a part of a community with a single goal: to help you regain control of your happiness and your life.

Find Out if Ketamine Could Benefit Your Healing Journey From Anxiety 

We know how frustrating anxiety can be, especially if you’ve tried various treatments and they haven’t worked long-term for you. No one’s anxiety has the same root causes or manifests in the same ways. 

Remember: no two healing journeys are the same. If you haven’t made the progress you want with other therapies, ketamine-assisted treatment at The Sanctuary could be just what you need to regain your sense of self and reclaim your life.

Contact us to find out more about our integrated ketamine-assisted anxiety treatment program today.