Trust the Process

Trust the Process: Trusting Your Self, God and the Recovery Process

 What exactly does trust the process mean? There are many definitions and examples. Non-attachment. Turning it over. That it is about the journey and not the destination. That we are not alone. That we are supported every step of the way. That there are no wrong choices. That every step of the way is sacred.

Many may intellectually believe this, yet on an emotional, soul level may have doubts. Many carry deep wounding and trauma around whether “God” (or whatever name is used for a Higher Power) is even trustworthy. This may be a hidden, subconscious fear, yet it still affects our ability to trust that the proverbial other shoe is not always about to drop.

Is it any surprise why someone with this fear would look for solace, comfort and joy in such “false gods” of addictions? Aren’t we all doing the very best we can at any given moment to find connection, inspiration and happiness, even if misguided? This is a double bind with no winners. How is it possible to trust the process by surrendering our most vulnerable and tender needs over to something we don’t trust? Yet, addictions and other dis-empowering behaviors are not viable, sustainable alternatives.

But what if trust the process isn’t about blindly “turning it over” and waiting to be rescued? What if trust the process is really about tapping into and sourcing from God? Just like a nuclear scientist can either use nuclear energy to light a city or to destroy a city, we too need to learn how to work with God — this creator energy — which we are made and part of. This unlimited energy supply is always there to harness and use to fuel our dreams, visions and higher state of consciousness. When we are able to consciously tap into this source, we can absolutely begin to trust the process – to trust our journey –because we are helping to co-create it.

When we stop leaking our own life-force energy and are in a coherent state of being, we are able to move and direct this energy through our own bodies and lives. And when this happens, another rule of the universe kicks in. Just as energy is just energy, neither good, bad, right or wrong, when we are resonating at a certain frequency or level of vibration, we must attract into our lives this same energetic vibrational signature.

Thanks to quantum physics, we know that all matter is energy and all energy is vibrating at different speeds and resonances. So if we are stuck in an old energetic imprint or disempowering thought pattern and we pray with an expectation that nothing will change, then nothing can change. Our energetic signature is of failure which is what is reflected back in our lives. “Turning it over” can work, however, if we pray with gratitude, appreciation and with the expectation that our prayer has already been answered. The energetic signature is now of appreciation and gratitude which also must be reflected back in our lives.

Start practicing this and see what happens. It all starts with saying thank you, even when we don’t feel grateful. All that is required is a willingness to be open to the possibility of hope. Trust the process is a daily spiritual practice of gratitude. It is similar to exercising. We may not feel like doing it in the beginning, or that we will ever be in better health, but we do it anyway and soon we start to feel better. The more we say thank you, the more we begin to feel it. And the more we begin to feel it, the more we begin to call into our lives what we want, rather than what we don’t.