Shadow work

Shadow and Light: Heightened Possibilities in Times of Crisis

Shadow and Light: The crisis we find ourselves grappling with at present is two-fold. On one level the spread of Covid-19 triggers deep-seated fears around survival, separation, and loss. On another, the palpable anxiety circulating through our collective consciousness leaves many feeling unsettled and gripped by fear.

The mind’s negativity bias causes us to dwell more on negative feelings. While ruminating on cyclical thoughts is common in times of normalcy, it becomes heightened in times of crisis. Fear makes its presence boldly known and calls upon us to feel deeply into what is one of the most quintessential aspects of the human experience. We would be remiss to shrink away from this invitation.

It’s an unprecedented opportunity.

Learning to Relate to Darkness

As Eastern traditions well know, all aspects of life are in essence a relationship between dualities. Happiness and suffering, yin and yang, love and fear are flip sides of the same coin. The global crisis state caused by the novel coronavirus throws these existing polarities into starker contrast. While anxiety and fear are pervasive and acutely felt, we also see bountiful opportunities for love, connection, and solidarity. What we are experiencing, together, is reminding us of our shared humanity in ways many of us no longer thought possible.

While the dominant culture tells us to reject darkness, this in fact only feeds it. As long as our shadow selves remain hidden from view, they maintain their unseen control over our lives. While running from fear simply feeds into our fearfulness, facing fear allows us to access the message of love that lies at its core.

The only struggle caused by fear is that of our own resistance.

Turning Inward

Shadow work is a willful journey of introspection into our dark side. By becoming acquainted with this oft-ignored aspect of self, and investigating what lies at its depths, we open ourselves to a fuller experience of life.

“Shadow work is the voluntary examination of one’s own internal darkness, or — to put it in more psychological terms — the excavation of our subconscious — which lacks the light of our conscious awareness and is therefore hidden from view,” says writer Azrya Cohen Bequer. “Times like these are a collective wake-up call to actively participate in our shadow work. As a wave of fear permeates the collective, the shadow we’ve repressed for generations can no longer be ignored.”

We are being called upon to journey within – as a global community.

Walking Into Darkness With the Light of Love

Rather than submitting to the prevailing programming of our time, it’s time to reclaim our ability to create our own reality; our own future.

We are limitless. And we become aware of this when we let go of our fear-driven desire to control and summon the courage to accept the divine plan of life. Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to live in our power and step into our true selves.

Will we live in the shadow of fear, or in the light of love?

The choice is ours.

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