Science of Shamanism

The Science of Shamanism: How to Recover from Addictions, Codependency and other Dis-eases of the Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit

As people seek alternatives to mainstream medicine, the word Shaman and Shamanism have come more into the mainstream. There is a science of Shamanism. These once obscure terms reserved for anthropologists and new age seekers, have almost become household terms. This might be due to necessity. Currently the US spends more on healthcare than any country on earth, yet ranks 34th in the world for the general health of its people. Despite all of our technology there are more than 400 different mental diagnoses, and countless possible physical afflictions that affect people every year. Clearly there is the need for healthcare alternatives and Shamanism has a lot to offer in that regard.

But what exactly is a Shaman and what does she do? The history of Shamanism has been traced to every continent on the planet, some dating back more than 10,000 years. Shamanism is not a religion nor is it a belief system. It is a path to wisdom and knowledge, which is gained through direct experience with different aspects of the natural world. And to the Shaman, everything is part of the natural world. She has no concept of the supernatural, only that which is in the seen realm and that which is in the unseen. The Shaman goes through training, rituals, ceremonies, trials and initiations to master both the physical and energetic realms. In Native American culture, the Shaman is the medicine man or woman, the one responsible for the care of his or her community. In all such cultures, the Shaman is learned in both the natural/material world (plants, animals, minerals, elements) and the inner/immaterial world (subconscious, energetic). In our culture, the old-school “family doctor” who made house calls, healed the sick, delivered the babies, counseled the grieving, and comforted the dying could well have been called a Shaman.

To understand the science of Shamanism, we can draw on parallels in western science. Until about 100 years ago, modern science was organized around the Newtonian mechanistic model. The universe consisted of matter, which could be explained by the law of cause and effect. Energy was the physical influence one thing in a system had on another. Everything was predictable and measurable. Much of the principles of modern medicine were discovered within the confines of this mechanistic paradigm.

The beginning of the 20th century marked an amazing discovery that matter and energy were interchangeable. For example, in scientific experiments light could either be an energy wave or a particle. Further, the same particle could be in more than one place at one time. An amazing aspect of this experiment was that the determining factor of wave or particle was human thought. Human consciousness had a physical effect on the universe. Quantum physics was born and changed everything.

The science of Shamanism is the science of quantum physics. A Shaman is a modern day quantum physicist who understands that energy is the building block of everything we can see and measure in the universe, including our bodies and minds. Energy organizes all material things in the universe and energy can be manipulated to assist in the healing of disease. The Shaman is the mediator between the visible world and the invisible world of energy. The Shaman sits on the equal sign in the famous equation e=mc2, and therefore has access to information not available in the physical realm. To illustrate this point, there are countless examples of knowledge that ancient Shaman had that ware impossible to obtain in a conventional way. These include the mixing of particular healing plants in very specific ways to create compounds that are statistically impossible to discover through trial and error. They also had knowledge of planets in our solar system long before modern telescopes. The Shamans claim to have gained this knowledge from the natural world, from the biosphere, an invisible field of wisdom that permeates all of life. The Shaman have known about and accessed the quantum field for thousands of years.

The Shaman is trained to see and work at the level of energy; directly in a person’s energy field. This energy field surrounds every living thing acts as an antenna for universal life force known as chi or prana. If this antenna malfunctions or becomes toxic, which happens through continuous stress or trauma, the result is sickness in the body. By clearing the toxic imprints of trauma, the Shaman is clearing the way to healing by removing that which is blocking the person from receiving pure information from the biosphere. When we have a clear open channel to receive prana, the result is a strong immune system and balanced brain chemistry.

The Shaman uses the information gathered in the quantum field to help her client heal. She uses an integrative approach because she knows she must work on the whole person to regain sustainable balance. She knows that the body, mind, soul and spirit are connected so a malady affecting any one of those will spill over and affect the others. The science of Shamanism offers new hope and the possibility for healing and true recovery from addictions, codependency and so many more dis-eases that keep us disconnected and checked out from our life force energy and the Divine Intelligence of our Universe.