Holistic Recovery Program in Sedona

Holistic Recovery Program in Sedona – More Than a Buzzword

Holistic Recovery Program in Sedona. The Sanctuary at Sedona is a truly holistic addiction recovery program. We are also a Non-12-Step program. In the age of buzzwords, however, we go far deeper than the popular use of the word ‘holistic’ and the phrase ‘non 12-Step’ might imply. We have an alternative addiction recovery model that, to the best of our knowledge, is unlike any other program offered in the world today.

We’re not just another “holistic” treatment center ~

As our co-director Kelly has said, working with the mind, body, soul, and spirit “is the only way–the only way–any of us can truly heal from anything that is stalking us”. People who have been trapped in an addictive cycle well understand the notion of having been stalked by this relentless disease, but we have incredibly great news for everyone who comes to us: if you work hard here, and continue the practices you learn after you leave us, you can be addiction-free.

Many clients come to us after repeated efforts to be well. They have returned time and time again to substance use and they don’t know why. It is an overwhelmingly painful way to live. They feel broken and they hurt deeply. While there are many good treatment modalities out there, over and over we see people who cannot effect a sustained recovery despite them. It has typically been hard and conscientious work they have done, but the reason their efforts have failed them is simple: we are whole and integrated beings and we need to be treated that way.

Choosing fragments of ourselves to concentrate on one by one simply does not work, and that is what has happened for so many addicted people who have unsuccessfully sought recovery. Something always remains unresolved and will eventually sabotage any progress. Modalities have to be used in a comprehensive, coordinated, and simultaneous way. They have to surround the entirety of people and their complete array of needs on all levels at the same time. That is the type of program we offer here. It is a Non-12-Step holistic addiction recovery program—an alternative recovery program that truly embraces the complete person in an immersive and healing experience.

Those who have suffered through treatment failures, and years of despair, can finally find their solutions with us, although we don’t offer a quick fix or magic bullet. It is hard work, but work that pays off and pays off in freedom. Anyone trapped in addiction’s pain and hopelessness longs for that freedom. We know the pathways that will take you there. They are marked by exciting new breakthroughs in well-documented science. We will show you, teach you, and support you in assembling what you need to be free and remain free.

Those new to treatment, if they adopt the self-care practices we teach, can get this done with us and forego years of struggle. The people who come to the Sanctuary for their first treatment effort have an amazing opportunity to avoid years of suffering while caught in the revolving doors of rehab. If our clients continue the wellness practices we teach here, all of them can be done with addiction. They can be fully recovered and go on to live the lives they desire. They don’t have to focus on addiction for the rest of their lives.

You can also hear Dean, Founder, further discuss the importance of a truly holistic addiction recovery program below.

If you would like more information, about Holistic Addiction Recovery or any of our holistic non 12 step addiction recovery programs you can contact us by phone at (866)668-7987, or by email at [email protected]