Cellular Change Epigenetics and Addiction Recovery

Cellular Change Epigenetics and Addiction Recovery

Healing addictions through epigenetics ~

Cellular Change Epigenetics and Addiction Recovery. The science of epigenetics is one of the most revolutionary scientific discoveries of modern science. It has changed the way we understand our bodies, our health, and our illnesses. Epigenetics has revealed the control we have over how our genes express themselves. This is radically different than our thinking until now about how DNA and our genetic ‘inheritances’ work. Until epigenetics, we thought of our genetic make-up as a blueprint that predetermines what happens to our bodies. If there is a history of heart disease or diabetes in our families, for example, then we are not so surprised to find out one day that we have these conditions, too. We accept our own diagnosis of the illnesses our parents and grandparents had as a painful but unalterable reality; it runs in the family. Epigenetics, however, has changed all that.

We now know that we are not helpless victims of our genetics. Rather, we have great power to influence which of our genes are expressed and which of them go silent. This is a staggering discovery. Essentially, it frees us from what we previously assumed was a DNA driven destiny. It breaks loose the limits we thought we had. Where once we thought that’s just the way it is, now we know that we can take charge of how it is. We can switch on and switch off our genes. They respond to the environment we give them.

Our program at The Sanctuary at Sedona has embraced this new science. It is a foundational characteristic of our holistic addiction recovery philosophy. Simply put, we believe that everything counts. The thoughts we think, the feelings we have, the food we eat, the way we move our bodies… all of these affect us at a deep cellular level where gene expression happens.


We have long known that our cells constantly renew themselves. In chronic disease, they renew themselves back into the template of disease. With holistic interventions that uplevel wellness on all levels of our lives, our bodies renew themselves with a new and healthier template—the one we create as we take greater control of our health and our lives.

All of this is why a truly holistic approach to healing addiction works. In our program, we give you the environment, experiences, and resources you need to renew yourself at deep and transformative levels. Cellular change happens in our holistic protocol. Through that change, you can assume a new blueprint for your life. For those with addictions, codependence, anxiety, trauma, or depression, this means you can be free of them.

You can read more about the science of epigenetics in the resources below. Also, you can hear our founder, Dean Taraborelli, discuss the healing process of our non-12 Step holistic addiction recovery program in greater depth on our Sanctuary at Sedona YouTube channel.

If you would like more information, please contact us. We are happy to discuss any aspect of our work with you. You can send us a note online reach us by phone at (877) 710-3385, or email us at [email protected]

If you would like more information, on Cellular Change, Epigenetics and Addiction Recovery or any of our holistic non 12 step addiction recovery programs you can contact us by phone at (877) 710-3385, or by email at [email protected]

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