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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Our Non-12 Step Holistic Addiction Recovery Program


1. Strong Clinical Component

2. Our Small Size

3. Integrated Holistic Approach

4. Finding the Core Issues

5. Sustainable Change


Private & Personalized Treatment – Sedona, Arizona.  Move Past Recovery. Be Recovered.

Our team of non 12 step holistic addiction recovery experts includes specialists in the fields of allopathic, naturopathic, functional medicine, psychology, psychiatry, integrative body work, counseling, energy medicine, yoga, nutrition, Chinese medicine, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, soul healing and spirituality. non 12 step holistic addiction recoveryThe Sanctuary’s Life Transformation Program goes beyond typical addiction treatment programs, our non 12 step holistic addiction recovery program is taking a truly holistic, integrative approach – simultaneously treating body, mind, soul and spirit. Our focus is to help you identify and resolve the underlying issues and root causes of your problems. It is possible to create a life beyond the labels and limitations of addiction and recovery to attain a life defined by optimum health, meaning, purpose, peace and well-being. You can recover and move past the limits of a 12-step addiction recovery program. The Sanctuary at Sedona offers a holistic healing regimen, including intensive daily private sessions as well as group activities, created to treat the root cause of any disempowering behavior. Our integrative non 12 step holistic addiction recovery program includes components on the cutting edge of neuroscience such as neuroplasticity and epigenetics, others rooted in ancient wisdom.

Experience Profound Life Transformation for your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul.

Can You Be Recovered?

Being recovered means managing the difficulties that inevitably come along in life and see them as growth opportunities, rather than disease.

Can You Be Recovered?
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My name is Dean Taraborelli and I want you to know that if you are stuck in the cycle of any self-destructive behavior, I understand.

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