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Holistic Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol is a widely used, and widely socially accepted, substance – so much so that many don’t consider it a drug. But its effects are incredibly powerful, and so is its potential for harm.

The influence of alcohol makes us feel uninhibited: we might feel more connected, more attractive, more confident or better able to express ourselves. And for so many of us, who may find societally imposed inhibitions to be incredibly restrictive, that easing of self-consciousness provides such welcome relief.

But what if you didn’t need alcohol to have fun, or to relax, or to feel free? What if we told you that a life without alcohol can be more meaningful and exciting than you could ever imagine?

Holistic alcohol recovery leads us on a journey of deep, transformational healing. And when the core issues that drive alcohol abuse are healed, we don’t need external influences to feel great and alive. In fact, it allows us to see that the gratification alcohol promises is in fact fleeting and empty, and that true meaning can only be found when we step out from under its influence.

The Sanctuary at Sedona founder Dean Taraborelli discusses our unique non-12 Step program for addiction recovery and trauma healing.

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What is Holistic Alcohol Treatment?

Instead of focusing on one, compartmentalized “illness,” holistic alcohol treatment takes your whole picture into account, viewing and treating you as a complete human being. We understand that to sustainably treat alcohol addiction, it’s necessary to investigate the deeper problems that it’s pointing to, instead of simply treating it as a set of symptoms.

When you go through a traumatic experience, it changes your emotional state. Our natural tendency as humans is to try to make that emotion go away – and for many people, alcohol offers a convenient way to do just that. This method of self-soothing gives us an avenue to escape emotions we don’t want to confront, and forms a pattern that eventually becomes all but impossible to change.

In order to truly make those elusive changes, we need to start looking at the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have gotten us to where we are. That’s just what our non-12 Step approach to treating alcohol addiction offers. We look at your history, lifestyle and state of wellbeing from a holistic standpoint. And with that information, we create a highly personalized treatment plan that gives you, specifically, the best prospects of making real change.

This effective non-12 Step holistic therapy treats drug and alcohol addiction by drawing on a diverse abundance of methods to heal your mind, body, soul and spirit.

How Does Holistic Alcohol Recovery Work?

What does a holistic non-12 Step alcohol abuse treatment program entail? At The Sanctuary, this healing journey includes therapies for all aspects of the self that are affected by alcohol use.

The mind is healed via:

  • A medication review and brain supplement protocol
  • Mindfulness practice to calm brain activity
  • Examining belief systems

The body is healed through:

  • Somatic therapies to release trauma
  • Exercise and bodywork
  • Facilitated connection with nature
The spirit is healed using:

  • Therapies to clear unwanted energetic imprints
  • Energy psychology techniques to release trauma
  • Soul retrieval to restore lost parts of the self

The soul is healed with:

  • Sound, music and poetry to reconnect with your true self
  • Teaching of myths and archetypes to advance experiential understanding
  • Grounding in ceremony

Can I Heal Naturally?

While we welcome any approaches that work, including the mindful use of medication, the answer to this question is yes. New advances in neuroscience demonstrate the brain’s ability to heal itself, through neuroplasticity (its innate ability to change), and neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells and neural pathways).

At The Sanctuary, we incorporate a deep understanding of this scientific knowledge into our program. As such, our healing environment is designed to create the conditions for healing and activate your natural powers of self-repair. 

Part of what makes our non-12 Step holistic alcohol treatment program work so well is that it’s completely immersive in every way. Our nature-filled campus provides a calming refuge from the confusion of daily life and gives you room to reflect and reconnect with yourself. While you’re here, you’ll eat an anti-inflammatory diet packed with superfoods grown right on our property, drink clean water, breathe fresh air and attune to nature.

This not only gives your brain the best possible chance of rejuvenation, but resets your system entirely – not just one aspect of it. And you’re with us long enough for your new, healthy habits to gain traction and establish themselves as an integral part of your life.

Advantages of Holistic Alcohol Rehab

The benefits of our holistic, non-12 Step alcohol treatment program include:

  • A high level of personalization. Our group size is small, and we have an extremely low staff-to-client ratio. This means you’ll get plenty of individualized attention during treatment, and you’ll form genuine relationships with our down-to-earth staff.
  • More intensive therapy. Unlike most treatment centers which offer individual therapy sessions only once or twice a week, at The Sanctuary, you’ll attend two therapy sessions per day. And while we do offer group work and community building as important treatment components, the majority of your sessions will be one-on-one.
  • Therapists who feel this is their life’s calling. Our team members don’t view their work as a “job.” We truly believe people can heal, and you’ll see this reflected in all your interactions with the Sanctuary family. Our highly skilled therapists are completely immersed in each moment of their practice. This means that in every one of your sessions, your therapists dedicate their fullest attention to your healing progress. Together, they design an ever-evolving treatment plan that’s modified each day as your needs grow and change.

What Makes our Non-12 Step Holistic Alcohol Treatment Program Work?

Research shows that eight out of 10 people who attend 12-Step treatment relapse. That’s because when they go back into their usual environment without having completed the necessary inner work, they tend to revert into the same old patterns. If this has been the case for you, you’re certainly not alone – and you’re not to blame. You are not a failure, but you may not have attained the outcomes you wanted because you weren’t served well by an outdated treatment model.

In order to be fully recovered, we need to go through a process of self-discovery that looks more closely at who we are and what got us to this place. At The Sanctuary, that process is informed by data-backed, scientific information that helps illuminate a path to transformation. This is delivered in a well-paced format, with an intentional balance of lighter and more intense work, so you can absorb the information and apply it to your life.

Our holistic alcohol recovery program is optimized for progress. Everyone involved in your treatment makes a concerted effort to ensure your experience is highly coordinated via diligent note-taking, information sharing and energetic communication. Each therapist you meet with knows what you’ve done, where you’re going and how they fit into your current area of focus. And each session is a progression of the last – this lack of redundancy makes the best use of your time in treatment.

All of this results in a powerful synergy that holds the power to truly transform. It doesn’t come from any one practitioner, but from the collective that forms your complete journey. The thoroughness of this journey is what opens up new possibilities, and allows you to make major progress in entirely new ways.

How Holistic Rehabilitation for Drug and Alcohol Addresses Underlying Issues

While most conventional alcohol addiction treatment focuses on treating the symptoms of alcohol abuse, we see things differently. We see addiction itself as a symptom of a deeper problem. We now know a great deal about the relationship between alcohol and other aspects of health and functioning. These may include:

Depressed brain processes. Alcohol slows brain functioning, which results in an immediate decrease in agitation or stress – which is why, for example, many people feel compelled to drink after a hard day. In the short term, intoxication eases the stress of racing thoughts, worry and emotional upset. But over time, this causes an imbalance in the brain and affect how you feel on a regular basis.

Psychological dependency. While excessive drinking results in physical dependency, it also creates an addiction to the emotional aspects of intoxication. Using alcohol as a coping strategy not only reinforces its addictiveness, but hinders the natural development of the real coping skills it’s replacing.

Trauma. There’s a significant correlation between trauma and alcohol abuse. In fact, unresolved trauma can create so much discomfort during abstinence that relapse becomes a common occurrence. That’s why identifying, addressing and resolving underlying trauma is such an essential part of holistic alcohol recovery. When trauma is resolved, there’s no longer a need to numb its symptoms.

Treatment failure. Failure to resolve the problems that are underlying alcohol addiction has led many to try again and again to recover, only to stay entangled in the web of addiction. A more holistic, integrated approach is needed to balance all interrelated parts of your life.

Do You Have Examples of Clients Who Were Successful Under Your Holistic Alcohol Treatment Program?

We sent a survey to all of our clients to see if their lives had improved since completing treatment at The Sanctuary. All of them said yes, and the vast majority of them said they would recommend The Sanctuary to a friend. Here’s how some of our program graduates describe their experience:

“A place where one can find themselves without the typical dogma that comes with other places. It’s the perfect mix of energy work, bodywork and talk therapy to allow one to open up and be vulnerable in a safe environment.”

“A cutting-edge, outside-the-box, alternative, holistic program. Focus is on emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic healing. Education comes from ancient wisdom teachings, and mirror that of the Native traditions of the Americas. The core theme is being recovered, not in a lifetime of recovery a la the conventional 12-Step methodology.”

“A life-changing experience. A place that utilizes a variety of modalities to help each resident find what works for them. I felt incredibly safe, cared for and supported during my time here. I would spend my life at The Sanctuary and wish I could send everyone I know here. It’s my home away from a home that never quite felt like home. The food is amazing, the scenery is beautiful, the staff are really involved in the program and the fact that they’re continuing to do their own work speaks volumes. It’s a place of compassion, love and monumental growth.”

Does Non-12 Step Offer a Cure for Alcohol Addiction?

In the conventional model of addiction recovery, those who complete treatment often return to their normal lives as the same person and start making the same choices again. But we understand that sustainable recovery requires total life change; that’s why our process digs deeper.

Each person’s journey is their own, and there is no universal definition of success; it’s important to realize that success means something different to each person. In the mainstream addiction treatment industry, the widely accepted definition of success is not reverting to old behavior for a certain period of time. But at The Sanctuary, we also evaluate on other important measures of success: the quality of your life while you’re sober; whether you feel happy; if you feel healthy and functional in all areas of your life.

Our goal is not just for you to stop using substances, but for you to imagine and create a life for yourself that’s so exciting, you forget substances even exist. And we know that it can be done.

High Quality Non 12 Step Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We also use clinical evaluations and scientific tools to measure the success of your treatment. One of the ways we do this is through a technique called brain mapping. This computer-generated scan measures brain activity before and after treatment. What we see afterwards is that the brain activity of clients who have completed treatment is far clearer and less chaotic than it was when they first arrived. This allows us to clearly see and understand the physical changes taking place in your brain as a result of energy therapy and other healing methods applied throughout the treatment process.

When your brain changes, your thoughts change, your actions change, your life experiences change and your emotions change. When your possibilities change, everything changes – and that’s happening here at The Sanctuary, every day.

The Best Alcohol Rehab Center: Get Healed at The Sanctuary of Sedona

Holistic alcohol recovery involves treating the totality of your being: your mind, body, soul and spirit. At The Sanctuary, we integrate all of these pieces. We address how they all fit together to create a powerful synergy that enhances the effectiveness of your treatment. This creates change that’s not only more accelerated, but that can be sustained much longer.

We invite you to embark on a healing journey unlike any you’ve experienced before. Our holistic alcohol rehab center provides supportive space for a process that allows you to learn vital information about yourself. We offer a practical roadmap for recovery and solid instruction on how to make deep-level changes, and we guide you every step of the way. We do this every day, integrating new patterns into your life, so that by the time you leave our campus you feel completely renewed. 

This journey allows you to find meaning in your life and discover what truly excites you. When you rediscover your authentic self, you open yourself to love, creativity and passion once more.

Healing starts now. Contact us today to take the first steps towards a life that inspires you.

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