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Sanctuary Sedona is a top rehab center in Sedona for dual diagnosis treatment. We are one of the few drug treatment centers in Sedona to follow an integrative and holistic approach to treating substance and alcohol abuse.  

Schizophrenia symptoms and addiction

Schizophrenia patients suffer from a broad spectrum of symptoms. Some of them include:

  • Delusional thinking - Individuals suffer from imaginary beliefs and misinterpreted sensory experiences. They feel harassed by real people or feel threatened by imaginary situations. Some individuals believe that they possess mystic powers or start worrying about a future event that may or may not happen. It can be extremely challenging to convince a schizophrenic patient that his/her beliefs are false.
  • Hallucinations - We see a lot of schizophrenic addiction patients suffer from hallucinations. Our residents report hearing voices or weird smells when in reality, nothing of that sorts exist.
  • Disorganized speech - Communication can be a major challenge in these patients. It often occurs due to disorganized thinking and the inability to maintain thoughts. Addiction patients with this condition may change the topic suddenly, say meaningless words, and make illogical statements.

We are a top-rated facility for drug and alcohol addiction recovery in Sedona, and we help patients break free from the chains of addictions and the co-occurring mental disorders. If you notice symptoms like lack of interest, changes in sleep patterns, and socially withdrawn behavior in your loved one, seek medical help immediately.

Can EMDR therapy help in overcoming substance abuse?

While most individuals resort to drugs and alcohol to overcome memories of past trauma, the use of EMDR can offer greater benefits to recovering addicts. At our rehabilitation center near Sedona, AZ, we use EMDR therapy to address the traumatic past and painful memories in an individual, which revives an individual from his/her compulsive need to use drugs.

Our EMDR therapy session involves 8 phases, where we start by identifying the emotional stress in our patients and complete the session by teaching self-calming techniques. EMDR plays a major role in addiction treatment and in treating PTSD. It also reduces the risk of relapse significantly in recovering addicts.

Use of cognitive-behavioral therapy in addiction treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the psychotherapies that we use to address the problematic thoughts and negative feelings in individuals, which often trigger the use of drugs or alcohol. With the help of CBT, our therapists help recovering addicts establish relevant connections between their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions.

CBT also helps us treat co-occurring mental disorders in addiction patients like anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD), bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our focus with CBT is to help patients dismiss their false beliefs and insecurities and to equip them with self-help tools to improve mood.

Call or visit Sanctuary Sedona today for more details on admissions and pricing. We are the best drug and alcohol rehab center in Sedona to offer addiction treatment at affordable prices. Our rehab center in Sedona is the only non-12 step holistic addiction and trauma healing center in the state with effective, results-driven wellness programs, and therapies.

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