Non 12 Step Treatment Program

An Alternative to the Traditional 12 Step Rehab Paradigm

The Sanctuary offers a holistic program for addiction treatment, trauma resolution, codependency, and co-occurring disorders. Our process is a completely integrated program designed to work simultaneously on healing and integrating the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Our experience and research shows that recovery is not a “one size fits all” process. While 12 step programs work for some, they do not work for everyone. Some people go as far as they can in a 12 step program, but they are still not well. They hit a wall or find themselves in the cycle of relapse. Sometimes, they simply reach the point where they are ready to go deeper in pursuit of their health and wellness and to take their lives to the next level.

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Limiting Beliefs

In contrast to Non 12 step rehabs, the 12 step program is based on the belief that a person cannot recover from an addiction, codependency or other co-occurring disorders. We believe people can.

The 12 steps are based on powerlessness over a person, place or thing. Powerlessness creates fear of taking the first drink/drug. Fear may be a motivator in early recovery, but it often proves to be ineffective in the long term. Fear and powerlessness are limiting and constricted mental states, and neuroscience supports that prolonged fear and stress hinder recovery and limit human potential. 12 Step programs have become synonymous with the disease model. The disease model keeps one stuck in the past, reliving old patterns, being a victim and living in hypervigilance. In fact, the majority of the addiction treatment industry is based on the premise that you will need to manage your symptoms for the rest of your life.

12 Step programs do not address the neuroscience or mind/body connection. They are not holistic, and they do not focus on the underlying issues or resolving trauma.

Important Distinction

Non 12 step addiction recovery does not mean anti 12 step. We endorse whatever support system will help a person to recover and stay recovered. Support groups provide community and fellowship. The Sanctuary is strongly rooted in the belief that everyone needs the support community, particularly people who are suffering from addiction, codependency, anxiety, depression and PTSD. We help our clients to find the ongoing support that will best suit their needs. We include 12 step as a possibility for this ongoing support but also suggest others depending on the specific needs of each person.

Being in “Recovery” versus Being “Recovered”

Being in “Recovery”

In recovery, you don’t drink or use because you are powerless and fear the outcome.
In recovery, you are never fully whole or healed.
In recovery, you are always defined by a disease or diagnosis.
In recovery, you are never completely free from your past.

Being “Recovered”

Being recovered, you don’t drink because you don’t want to. You will want to fully participate in your life and build a future.
Being Recovered, you have identified and healed your underlying issues and will no longer be stalked by your disease or diagnosis.
Being Recovered you are no longer a victim.
Being Recovered you no longer identify yourself by your addiction or your past.
Being Recovered you are free.

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