Why Use an Integrative Holistic Addiction Recovery Approach?

We are pioneers in the field of holistic addiction recovery and rehabilitation. We developed and implemented a revolutionary program that helps our clients to move past recovery and be recovered.

Our Integrative Addiction Recovery℠ program, honed and refined through a decade of work with hundreds of clients, was intentionally created to move beyond the limitations of traditional recovery.

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In Integrative Addiction Recovery:

  1. We utilize the most advanced science in western medicine with alternative modalities to facilitate the client’s innate healing response.
  2. We have a carefully designed treatment plan, customized to each individual, that incorporates treatments, modalities, and programs delivered in a synchronized manner to treat the whole person – body, mind, soul and spirit.
  3. We address the root cause of the addiction or disorder to ensure transformational healing occurs.
  4. All factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into account, including environment, relationships, family systems, external stressors, and community.
  5. We utilize the most natural methods of healing whenever possible.
  6. In addition to concepts regarding treatment, we educate clients and promote concepts in health and wellness.
  7. We empower clients with practical tools they can take with them and incorporate into their daily life for continued success.
  8. Our practitioners exemplify the principles we espouse and are committed to our own personal development and growth.
  9. Clients and practitioners are partners in the recovery process.

Many holistic rehabilitation centers simply add some complementary therapies to 12-step or other traditional recovery programs. In our program, these therapies form many of the essential components of our program.

What is the Body

The body consists of trillions of cells, and is generating new cells every second. You do not have any cells in your body that you were born with, except for some cells in the brain and the gut. You grow totally new skin every few weeks, new organs every few months and new bones every few years. The body is self-regulating – it has the intelligence to maintain and repair itself until it gets out of balance due to stress, toxicity or injury. The toxicity of addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma live in every cell of your body. Your cells store pain, cravings, sickness and suffering. To heal from your addiction, you must get your issues out of your tissues, and release toxicity at the cellular level.

Healing the Body from Trauma and Addiction

For the body, clients receive medical support with a Doctor of Functional Medicine (M.D.) and a protocol of nutritional supplements to support physical healing and repairing the brain. We utilize the latest developments in neuroscience and HeartMath to heal at a cellular level. Clients receive nutritional counseling and all meals are part of an organic superfood program, the quality of which surpasses menus at many of the nation’s leading resorts and spas. Clients also engage in a regular yoga practice, hike on Sedona’s world-renowned trails and have additional options for daily exercise.

What is the Mind

The mind is a chemical factory full of neurotransmitters that affect how and what we think and feel, including pain. The mind is the generator of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Identifying your disempowering thoughts and behaviors, telling your stories and becoming aware of your dysfunctional patterns are important pieces of our holistic addiction treatment program at The Sanctuary. By healing the mind, you will be able to safely explore and address issues such as addiction, codependency, your shadow and family of origin issues.

Healing the Mind from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Chemical Imbalance

For the mind, clients receive individual psychology/therapy sessions, group psychology/therapy sessions, energy psychology therapy sessions as well as life skills and recovery coaching. They receive training and engage in daily practice in mindfulness and other forms of meditation. Clients also participate in an educational component where they learn about the science of addiction recovery, so that they can better understand the “why” of the program and the tools that they receive.

What is the Soul

The soul is your most authentic, truest, essential self. Your soul is intimately connected to your heart and thrives on connection, love and authentic expression. Your soul is where you will find your heart’s desire and life purpose. Your greatest personal gifts are accessed at the level of soul. It is the place where you access richness and meaning in life. It is the place where your creativity and beauty resides. It is the timeless, eternal piece of our purest self. Attempting to recover without healing your soul simply does not work.

Healing the Soul

Through trauma and addiction parts of our soul have been lost, taken or given away. As a result we become listless and lifeless. We feel more dead than alive. We live in a society that is out of balance that is making us sick and contributing to mental health issues. Our culture, primarily dominated by the ego, is based on external reference points. Your ego bases your “sense of self” and well-being on something outside of you, over which you have no control. The ego can often obsess on what is lacking in your life, abandonment, old fears, judgment, performance, guilt or shame. Because the ego is based on external factors, it is always looking for the next thing to satisfy it, be it a relationship, a drug or a material possession. The attempt to fill the void within your soul with something outside of yourself will never satisfy you. Our holistic program focuses heavily on healing at the soul level. The soul bases its well-being on internal reference points connected through rites of passage, ceremony, creativity, art, nature, dance and breath.

What is the Spirit?

Spirit or energy organizes all matter including your body and every aspect of your life. When we speak of “spirit” we are speaking of spirit on a personal level: your energy body. It is scientifically verifiable that every human has an energy body. It is a torus shaped energetic field that surrounds the human body and acts as antennae for life force energy (also referred to as “prana” or “qi”). The energetic field stores information and contains a template of how we live, how we age, how we heal and how we may die. When there is no imprint for disease in the energetic field, recovery from illness happens at tremendous speeds. Conversely, imprints for disease can depress the immune system, and it can take an extremely long time for us to regain health during an illness. Imprints in the energetic field predispose us to follow certain pathways in life. They orchestrate the incidents, experiences and people we attract to ourselves.

The energetic field is connected to the body by the energy centers which are connected to primary organs, glands and the central nervous system. Information is synthesized through the energetic field and made available to the body. A compromised energy system disregulates the nervous system causing anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, clouded thinking, inflammation and auto immune diseases.

Healing the Spirit

Our program restores the nervous system so you are no longer in a constant hypervigilent state of fight, flight, freeze. When you heal your spirit, you experience higher states of consciousness, greater brain functioning and deeper connection to source energy and Spirit. Energy medicine techniques include cleansing, opening and restoring balance to the energy system as well as clearing toxic imprints and the resulting disruptive energy patterns. We are the global leaders in the use of energy medicine in addiction recovery.

If you would like to talk with us more about our program or our methods, please contact us.

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