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The traditional 12 step program works for some people in overcoming addiction. However, this doesn't mean it's the right option for everyone. Therefore, non-12 step rehabs don't focus on this treatment option, which makes them a much more excellent choice. Sanctuary Sedona provides a holistic, non 12 step integrative recovery program to help struggling individuals achieve and maintain their normal, healthy life. 

What are the benefits of choosing a top non-12 step rehab?

Non-12 step programs are a better option that helps a lot of people who struggle with 12-step based plans or want alternative approaches. Many people who object that their addiction is a disease that's beyond their control prefer a non-12 step facility since they don't label addiction as a "disease."

There's a wide range of excellent benefits of choosing the non-12 step programs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Highly individualistic programs
  • Secular approach
  • A focus on psychological addiction compulsion
  • A focus on medical issues
  • Stronger sense of self-empowerment
  • Privacy and so much more

12 step compared to non-12 step treatment programs

12 step program in and of itself isn't an official form of treatment, but instead function more as self-help organizations or peer support groups. Therapy in the 12 step option uses principles such as accepting addiction is a chronic disease; willpower isn't enough to overcome addiction, focus on religion, and participate in 12 step meetings. Many people consider this program to be more traditional or even an older model of substance abuse treatment.

A non-12 step program tends to have a more solid client-centered (not just an addict) approach to recovery. This treatment program pursues the underlying issues to not only treat the substance use disorder but also address the primary cause of substance abuse. Non-12 step programs help the clients discover the power within themselves to motivate their momentum enough to overcome substance abuse.

The best non-12 step alcohol and drug rehab near you

We provide comprehensive, holistic, and evidence-based non-12 step treatment programs that are more open to and more accepting of our client's personal treatment goals and needs. We don't force treatment requirements upon the individual since there're no requirements to attend group meetings. Additionally, we don't accustom our clients to identify themselves as patients, alcoholics, or addicts.

Our non-12 step treatment program isn't a "cookie-cutter" structure or model but rather a new unique journey leading thousands of people towards long-lasting recovery. We address the neuroscience or body/mind connection focusing on the underlying issues to ensure we treat the core of your addiction disorder and not just the symptoms.

Visit the top non-12 step treatment center

Non-12 step programs exist to offer professional addiction treatments to people who either struggle with the traditional 12 steps or want the best alternative alcohol rehab. If you're among them, then congratulations for realizing that a non-12 step approach is suitable for you.

If you're looking for proficient non-12 step rehabs near you, then Sanctuary Sedona is the professionals you're looking for. Please contact us now to learn more about your options.

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