Non-12 Step Cure for Addiction

Non-12 Step Cure for Addiction. While 12-Step programs work for some, they’re not for everyone – and that’s okay. Some people may find that the 12 Steps don’t align with their views, or that they make some progress but still find themselves stuck in the cycle of relapse.

The core question we need to ask ourselves is: can we recover? Can we ever get past our disease, and be fully healed? Can addiction be cured? We’re here to tell you that you can, and there’s now a significant amount of scientific evidence that supports this.

We should point out that Non-12 Step doesn’t mean anti-12 Step. The 12 Steps have helped many people over the course of their existence, and The Sanctuary supports any avenue that helps people recover from addiction. However, we also understand that recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process. Many people who have been through 12-Step programs have found, for varying reasons, that they have not been effective for them. If you’ve completed 12-Step treatment before but still feel like something is missing, you may already be beginning to understand that you’re ready for a deeper experience of healing.

Our non-12 Step rehab program is designed to effectively treat addiction and resolve trauma, by integrating healing components for the mind, body, soul, and spirit for a complete recovery.

What is Non-12 Step?

The term “Non-12 Step” can be used to describe any addiction treatment approach that doesn’t adhere to 12-Step philosophy, which is rooted in the disease model of addiction. While this term in and of itself doesn’t provide a definition of what a program is, but rather what it isn’t, we can tell you what it means at The Sanctuary.

What differentiates our program from 12-Step programs is the entire paradigm that serves as its foundation. Rather than seeing addiction as the chronic, lifelong disease it’s often framed as, we believe that when healing takes place on a deep enough level, addiction can be cured.

What are the basic tenets of Non-12 Step?

12-Step rehab programs are based on the belief that full recovery from addiction is impossible. This belief system is rooted in powerlessness, which creates a perpetual fear of relapsing into substance abuse or other unwanted patterns.

While fear can be a motivator to a certain extent, more often than not, it ultimately proves itself ineffective. Fear and powerlessness are constricted mental states. Neuroscience supports that prolonged fear and stress hinder recovery and limit human potential. 

At The Sanctuary, we believe the journey of recovery is one of empowerment, not limitation. Our non-12 Step approach to curing addiction is designed to focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses, and bring them forth to support your recovery process.

How do I know if I need 12 Step or Non-12 Step?

The 12 Steps are well known, widely available, and linear – and this appeals to a lot of people. But many others eventually find it to be limiting. Many of our clients have been through 12-Step addiction treatment before and found that it could only take them so far when what they’re really seeking is expansion, limitlessness, and the freedom to express their true being.

Some people use the 12 Steps to the fullest extent possible, but they are still not well. They hit a wall or find themselves in the cycle of relapse. Sometimes, they simply reach a point at which they’re ready to go deeper in pursuit of their wellbeing and to take their lives to the next level.

Could you explain how we begin on the Non-12 Step program?

At The Sanctuary, your relationship with us begins the minute we connect. The steps of the non-12 Step recovery journey typically include the following:

  1. Your dedicated Admissions Coordinator will spend as much time with you as needed to help arrange your treatment. This can include talking to your loved ones, helping you plan to travel, or partnering with a sober coach to accompany you in transit to our campus.
  2. You’ll receive a detailed assessment that evaluates medical, psychological, and nutritional facets, so we can tailor your treatment program to your preferences and needs.
  3. Residential treatment. You’ll be guided through a personalized treatment program that allows you to access robust, diverse healing modalities in a structured way for a complete healing experience.
  4. Transition wellness coaching. Our program includes a highly supportive aftercare component to help you prevent relapse and successfully incorporate what you learned in treatment into your daily life.

How do I become sober on Non-12 Step?

When we hold negative beliefs about ourselves, these can show up as unconscious behaviors that we may find frustrating but difficult to change. At our non-12 Step treatment center, we lead you on an inward journey to more clearly identify and address these issues, so you no longer feel the need for coping behaviors that aren’t in your highest interest.

Our carefully designed treatment plan is fully customized to you. Your plan will incorporate heartfelt clinical care and scientifically backed holistic healing modalities. This is delivered in a highly coordinated way, to achieve the optimal synergistic effect.

I am tired of traditional treatment. Is Non-12 Step for me?

If you’ve tried a 12 Step-based program before and found it wasn’t for you, or if you’ve had a measure of success but feel like you’re still searching for more, the good news is that alternatives are available. The Sanctuary’s non-12 Step rehab program may be right for you if:

  • Some parts of the 12-Step philosophy don’t resonate with you
  • You feel like there’s still an underlying problem that the 12 Steps weren’t able to address
  • You’re ready for a more empowered view of yourself and your ability to overcome addiction

The Sanctuary’s alternative addiction treatment program is based on a completely different paradigm than the 12 Steps – one that believes you can be recovered.

Does Non-12 Step require a specific religion?

The Sanctuary pays special attention to facilitating your healing on a soul level, as addictions tend to originate in this more deeply held part of the self. But you do not need to adhere to or adopt any specific religious beliefs to pursue a Non-12 Step route to curing addiction.

While most 12-Step programs focus primarily on treating addiction’s mental symptoms, they don’t consider its larger spiritual and energetic causes. The Sanctuary’s holistic treatment paradigm pays equal attention to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, allowing you to gain a new perspective on life. 

We welcome people of all religious, spiritual, and cultural backgrounds. Our program is intentionally designed to accommodate diverse views. Our therapists invite open discussion about any existing religious or spiritual practices and will work with you to ensure they’re thoughtfully included in your treatment plan.

Is addiction a physical or mental disease?

The idea that addiction is an incurable disease, characterized mainly by dependence on substances, has been the commonly accepted theory of addiction treatment for a long time. But we believe there’s more to it: that addiction is in fact a symptom of something deeper.

At The Sanctuary, we don’t see you as sick or broken; our non-12 Step approach to addiction treatment is an empowering one. Our program is designed to facilitate your own journey of self-discovery, to reconnect with your highest self.

What can I expect in Non-12 Step rehab?

The Sanctuary’s non-12 Step path to wellness is designed to walk you through specific stages of self-development. Steps of this journey include: 

  • Identifying core beliefs that may be driving your behaviors
  • Getting to the root of the underlying issues
  • Reintegrating positive aspects of self
  • Envisioning an exciting future and creating a plan to bring it to life

What is the best way to begin Non-12 Step treatment?

If previous treatments haven’t worked for you, it’s still entirely possible that another approach will. All this journey requires is a readiness to experience something new. Our compassionate team is here to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

Do you have advice for people who have been in rehab and constantly relapse?

Traditional, fear-based views of addiction keep people stuck in old patterns, contributing to chronic relapse. In fact, the majority of the addiction treatment industry operates on the premise that you will need to manage your symptoms for the rest of your life.

Unlike the disease-model approach, we don’t see you as broken. We see your inner strength and show you how to hone it. Here, we guide you to shed limiting beliefs, which opens your life to new possibilities. Our program empowers you to see your patterns for what they are, not as part of your identity. 

We steer you away from reliving old patterns that keep you stuck in the victimhood of the past. At The Sanctuary, you don’t just receive treatment – you own your journey of self-discovery.

How do I stop relapsing after traditional rehab and can Non-12 Step help me?

Identifying as a lifelong addict automatically imposes limitations on how well you can be. While the 12-Step model views addiction as a chronic illness that can only be managed and never overcome, we believe it’s entirely possible to be recovered.

Being recovered means:

  • You’ve identified and healed your underlying issues.
  • You’re not defined by a diagnosis.
  • You don’t engage in addictive patterns because you don’t want to.
  • You’re no longer a victim.
  • You are whole and healed.
  • You’re completely free.
  • You’re ready to build a future and fully participate in your life.

We’re not just about abstaining from substances. We’re about discovering a life that’s so passionate and joyful, you forget substances even exist.

The point of recovery is not to deprive yourself, but to allow yourself to live life to its absolute fullest. Our program guides you through a step-by-step process that starts by stripping away societally defined roles and internalized pressures, and grants you the freedom to control your own destiny.

Do you have examples of patients who were successful with your Non-12 Step rehab program?

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their time with us:

“Revolutionary and evolutionary recovery of self. They blend cutting edge science with ancient wisdom in a simple way, in a majestic setting off the grid enough for you to heal and feel your way back to who you always knew you really were.”

“Everyone should have this experience. I should be part of the core curriculum in school… Definitely not just a ‘treatment for addiction’ facility. A place of deep healing and positive energy.”

The place to go to rediscover the preciousness and truth of who you are.”

Find the cure for addiction you’ve been looking for at our Non-12 Step treatment center.

At The Sanctuary, you won’t just learn techniques for remedying symptoms; you’ll learn to change your entire relationship with yourself and the world around you. Our clients find that after some time with us, they begin to understand their situation more clearly. And when you’re able to see why you’ve been running into barriers, you’ll realize there’s no need to go back to old ways of operating.

This wellness journey helps you reconnect with parts of yourself that have been neglected and dulled over time. You’ll learn to enter into a healthier dialogue with yourself so that when internal voices of conflict arise, you know how to meet their needs. 

Imagine having a strong sense of who you are and a deep inner knowing of your life’s purpose. Imagine feeling joyously connected to the people around you. Imagine reconnecting with your authentic self, and owning your power to be happy.

The Sanctuary’s all-encompassing treatment program is designed to help you do just that, by providing a roadmap to a better relationship with yourself and guiding you every step of the way.

Wherever you’re at, we’re ready to meet you there – and show you how great life can be on the other side of healing. Contact us today to take the first step.

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