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Holistic Drug Rehab Center. If you’ve been through a 12-Step program that didn’t work for you, know that you’re not alone. While many people have found these programs helpful, one approach doesn’t necessarily fit all – and that’s okay. The journey to recovery is a highly personal one, and it looks different for everyone.

Conventional addiction treatment can be effective up until a certain point, but if it fails to dig deep enough into the origins of the addiction – the belief systems and energetic causes that drive it – the unconscious coping mechanisms you’ve developed to deal with it can (and often do) start to reappear. This leaves some people who’ve completed 12-Step addiction treatment with a nagging feeling that something is still missing. The search for that missing piece leads many to seek out treatment a holistic drug rehab center.

The Sanctuary offers holistic drug rehabilitation that focuses your healing process as a whole. This means that we go beyond treatment at just the mental level and also address the physical, emotional and spiritual components of healing.

I’m Tired of Standard AA Meetings. How are Holistic Drug Rehabs Different?

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings follow the principles of the 12 Steps and offer a basis for support, usually as a follow-up to (but sometimes in lieu of) inpatient addiction treatment. Many people find the structure and fellowship that AA offers to be hugely beneficial, especially in early recovery.

In a disease-model paradigm, continuous support from a sober community is necessary to maintain abstinence from substances, because the threat of relapse is always present. The main way holistic, non-12 Step drug rehab differs from this is in the belief system it’s based on.

The 12 Steps require an admission of powerlessness over addiction. Step One states, “We admit we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” But at The Sanctuary, we believe in empowerment over addiction. We don’t view you as sick; we seek to reconnect you with your true inner strength and innate potential for change. And we believe that when the causes of your addiction are identified, worked through and healed on a much deeper level, you can regain the ability to thrive.

You don’t have to be in recovery – you can be recovered.

Why Is Drug Addiction So Damaging?

While drugs may offer a fleeting sense of comfort, they can prompt escalating cycles of abuse that eventually lead to a lost sense of self, deeply held pain and fractured relationships. Drugs and alcohol allow us to avoid uncomfortable emotions – but as long as we use them to do so, we don’t develop our natural coping abilities, and we allow the source of our pain to continue unabated.

Over time, addiction changes the way neural pathways are formed, essentially “rewiring” the brain. This is why quitting substances is a much taller order than simply deciding to do so. As our brain’s natural endorphin supplies are depleted, and our bodies are weakened by substance abuse, we seek out more and more external relief from the way we feel inside.

The good news is that the most recent scientific progress in the understanding of the brain clearly shows its capacity for neuroplasticity (its ability to change), and neurogenesis (its ability to produce new cells and neural pathways). This knowledge forms a foundational aspect of treatment at The Sanctuary. We use multiple techniques, such as diet, supplement protocol, meditation and belief system evaluation, to encourage profound change. When combined with other integral aspects of our holistic drug rehab program, this results in the fundamental shift that our clients find so empowering.

How Can Holistic Drug Treatment Help Me?

Holistic treatment centers focus on the entire picture of your journey towards recovery. Here’s what this means for your healing process:

Looking at the full picture. Rarely, if ever, is addiction rooted in one single cause. In life, many aspects come together to get us to where we are. At The Sanctuary, we look at the mind, body, soul and spirit to help you shed light on underlying issues and open the pathway for healing. 

Restoring your relationship with yourself. You are the most important relationship you’ll ever have. The holistic healing modalities you’ll experience at The Sanctuary serve to guide you towards healthier inner dialogue, so you can change the way you see and relate to yourself.

Integrated therapies that are optimized for progress. Our therapists make a concerted effort to ensure your treatment experience is highly coordinated via diligent note-taking, information sharing and energetic communication. We pay close attention to your progress, making adjustments as new needs arise.

A synergistic treatment experience. The transformative power of our program doesn’t come from any one practitioner, but from the collective that forms your complete journey. The thoroughness of the Sanctuary experience allows you to grow and change in entirely new ways.

Are Holistic Non-12 Step Drug Rehabs Better Than AA?

AA can be very helpful in some aspects. For example, its widespread presence is certainly beneficial for those who want to engage in ongoing meetings. But its guiding principles are based on certain dated fundamentals that some people find limiting.

When AA was established in 1935, the world was in the early stages of studying behavioral neuroscience. AA’s primary principle, the admission of powerlessness, was formed while there was still relatively little knowledge of the brain. But we’ve come a long way since in our understanding of addiction. More modern approaches step away from the notion that addiction is a personal weakness and instead view it as a way we mask pain or discomfort.

Instead of focusing on treating just the symptoms, holistic non-12 Step drug rehab at The Sanctuary aims to help you understand the root of your discomfort so that you can begin on your path of transformational change. We do so by offering:

  • A complete roadmap to walk you through each stage of recovery
  • Well-paced programming that makes it easy to absorb and retain what you learn
  • Advanced knowledge of epigenetics and neurogenesis to encourage positive brain changes
  • An energetic healing component to address the spiritual and soul-level causes of addiction
  • A comfortable family setting where you’ll feel like you can be yourself, and know that you’re an important member of our community

Who is Most at Risk for Drug Addiction?

A common myth people are told is that they are genetically bound to addiction; set up for a lifelong battle. But viewing drug addiction in this way is detrimental to your ability to regain confidence and self-worth, which results in a greater likelihood of relapse.

Modern psychology points to deeper causes of suffering as a catalyst for addiction. Suffering is something that no one in life, regardless of their circumstances, can avoid. What matters is that we learn how to navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs in a way that’s not damaging to ourselves and those around us.

At The Sanctuary, we don’t see any of our clients as being categorically at-risk. We understand that every one of us has shadows within. And here, you’ll learn to relate to them in a highly supported, constructive way. You are not destined to be an addict because of your background, family history or genetics. Our progressive program focuses on guiding you towards self-fulfillment through holistic therapies, comprehensive care and the strong support of a therapeutic community.

Coping Strategies for Drug Addiction

Addiction is the result of repeated behaviors which, in time, become habits. While these habits may come to feel inescapable, know that it’s entirely possible to heal any damage caused by addiction, correct behaviors and construct new ones that have a lasting, positive impact on your life.

Addiction is a coping strategy. In fact, at The Sanctuary, we see addiction itself as a symptom of a larger cause. This cause often occurs on a level that we’re not even consciously aware of – which is why expert guides like the healing practitioners at The Sanctuary are essential for helping us access them. Once this is resolved, the need to mask how you’re feeling with drugs and alcohol naturally loses its power.

What Happens After Treatment? How Can I Prevent Relapsing?

At The Sanctuary, we know that your journey isn’t just about what happens in treatment. We offer intensive Transition Wellness Coaching as an integral and included part of our 90-day program. This means that:

  • Continuation of your treatment process takes place through more advanced-level coursework that builds on what you learned in treatment.
  • You’ll be coached to link up with local resources, including referrals to in-person or remote therapists personally known and vetted by The Sanctuary.
  • You’ll continue the relationships you built in treatment. Our dedicated staff are regularly in contact and always available to talk and offer support.
  • You have the opportunity to recreate what worked in treatment in your daily life – and we’ll be by your side the whole time.

Our holistic approach gives you the tools needed to carry what you’ve learned with us into your daily life, the strength to trust yourself and the world and the chance to see life and all its experiences in a new light. Instead of fixating on a fear of relapse, we focus on helping you design a life where you can reconnect with your passions, discover what brings you joy and create a new way of being in the world.

How Can The Sanctuary at Sedona Help Me?

Here’s what our previous clients have said about their experience in our holistic drug treatment program:

“The Sanctuary is where you’ll not only face your addiction, past, trauma, etc., but you’ll transform into the most authentic version of yourself. You’ll rediscover laughter, passion, and find meaning in this disconnected world we live in.”

“Calling it a rehab center doesn’t do it justice. It’s a journey to discovering your true, authentic self. The focus isn’t on fixing a specific addiction, rather the overall difficulties of life, and which of those difficulties led to the addiction.”

“You’ll transform into the most authentic version of yourself.”

Discover a New Approach to Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Care at The Sanctuary

The way we approach addiction treatment is fundamentally different from mainstream rehabs. Our treatment program is integrative and in-depth, giving you access to a healing journey, unlike anything you’ve experienced in prior attempts at treatment.

Here, we begin your healing process by meeting you where you’re at, employing the strong sense of community and equality that we’ve fostered on our grounds. At our holistic recovery center tucked into the mountains of Sedona, you’ll learn to reconnect with your surrounding environment and tap into the healing power of nature.

Recovery doesn’t have to come from a place of fear – it can be rooted in strength and self-acceptance. Contact us to learn more today.

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