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Sanctuary Sedona is a holistic treatment center for addiction, depression, and trauma. At our holistic rehab in Arizona, we employ natural healing practices to help individuals attain sobriety and overall wellness.

Benefits of holistic recovery for mental health conditions

We are the best holistic recovery center in Arizona with a team of highly skilled nurses, physicians, and therapists. We specialize in offering holistic addiction therapies to help individuals' break free from their abusive patterns of behavior. Some of the benefits of this therapy in addiction treatment include:

  • It is a non-medicinal recovery method that we use in combination with traditional treatment to heal the mind, body, soul, and spirit
  • It helps alleviate the symptoms of co-occurring mental disorders and ensures overall wellness
  • This therapy helps individuals overcome the withdrawal phase in a calm and composed manner
  • This therapy enables individuals to engage in self-introspection and equips them to view the world with a positive mindset.
  • Holistic therapy offers peace of mind, mental clarity, improves focus, and cognitive function.

At our facility, we engage our recovering addicts in programs like exercise, meditation, nutrition, yoga, etc. regularly to help them embrace sobriety. Some of the other commonly used programs in holistic recovery include tai chi, acupuncture, massage therapy, spiritual therapy, and counseling.

Reasons to consider holistic drug rehab

If you suffer from a moderate to severe level of addiction or if you had attended drug rehab before and ended up relapsing, a holistic recovery center may be the best option for you. At a holistic center, you will receive treatments and therapies not just for your mind and body, but also for your soul and spirit. This offers improved wellness and improves your chances of maintaining sobriety in the long-term. 

Holistic therapies heal your painful memories, traumatic life events, and psychological scars. It equips you with essential tools to manage and tackle triggers and stress calmly and logically. 

Does addiction treatment differ for co-occurring disorders?

The cause of addiction differs from person to person and plays an essential role in how individuals develop a co-occurring mental disorder. Here are the reasons for why we treat co-occurring mental disorders differently:

  • Brain responses - Individuals who abuse drugs exhibit symptoms very similar to the symptoms of a mental disorder. Hence we offer personalized treatment for each individual in recovery based on their symptoms and substance of abuse.
  • Genetics - Each individual carries a different genetic predisposition, which has an important role to play in their addiction condition and their mental disorder. We use an individual's family history to tailor treatment approaches. 
  • Environmental triggers - Some individuals develop a mental disorder due to chronic stress, anxiety, after a traumatic event, or disturbing childhood memories. It is important to know the triggers to plan an appropriate course of treatment.

Call Sanctuary Sedona today for more details. We are a leading holistic treatment center with modern amenities and evidence-based treatment programs. Our holistic drug and alcohol treatment in AZ helps individuals overcome their mental illnesses and equips them with effective coping mechanisms in stressful situations.

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