Drug Rehab Center Az


What makes The Sanctuary one of the best drug detox and rehab centers in Arizona? Our holistic approach to recovery is considered by addiction experts to be ideal for patients looking for an alternative to conventional treatment. As you search for a drug rehab center in AZ, please consider us for treatment.

10 Reasons to Check Us Out First When Looking Into Recovery

1. Our Arizona addiction recovery center is strategically positioned in one of the most beautiful areas in all of AZ, providing panoramic views of the landscape and unique opportunities to heal in a natural surrounding.

2. The Sanctuary is rated by recovery specialists as one of the best rehabs in Arizona for addiction, depression, anxiety, and trauma treatment. If you just need time to heal from the events of life, you’ll find our treatment center a perfect place.

3. We know that the 12-step program is not the right treatment option for every patient. For this reason, we offer a non-12 step program designed to fill the gap where 12 step treatments fail to meet the needs of certain clients.

4. You can take an online virtual tour of our beautiful drug rehab center in AZ when you scroll down our website’s homepage to find ‘Sanctuary Tour’. You’ll also find many free resources to help you find your path to recovery at The Sanctuary.

5. We have a high success rate at The Sanctuary- one of the highest in the US. 100% of clients reported being satisfied with the services they received at our facility. 98% said that our program improved their quality of life, and 90% experienced an improvement in their ability to feel emotions, and use relaxation skills to deal with triggers, and in their ability to reach out for support when they needed it following treatment.

6. Our beautiful Arizona addiction recovery center is conducive to the healing process. If you live in the city and have had a difficult time escaping to a place where you can get alone with your own thoughts, you’ll learn new techniques that will make it possible for you to enjoy more alone time.

7. We have a 1:1 staff-to-client ratio which allows us to provide exceptional care. Unlike other rehabs that stretch their staff too thin to be effective, we recognize one of the secrets to our success is being able to deeply connect with our clients.

8. The Sanctuary is rated one of the top drug rehab centers in AZ- and that means a lot to our clients who are currently searching for the right treatment center. Compare our services and success rates with every other drug rehab center in AZ to see why we are the best choice for you or your loved one.

9. While other drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers only focus on substance addiction, we offer recovery for depression, anxiety, and trauma, as well. You’ll find resources located on our website to help you decide whether we’re the right rehab to meet your needs.

10. Our programs include brain mapping and brain repair to ensure a favorable outcome. Meals at The Sanctuary are prepared using locally sources organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free foods to ensure our clients get the nutrition they need while during the healing process.

Drug Rehab Center Az
The Sanctuary at Sedona

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