Co-occurring Disorders Treatment Center

The best co-occurring disorders treatment center is The Sanctuary at Sedona for many reasons. Unlike other treatment centers, The Sanctuary is not a twelve step program for clients to follow. This one of a kind treatment center focuses not only on addiction, but they also focus on treating trauma and anxiety. It isn’t uncommon for addiction and mental illnesses to go hand in hand because many people have multiple disorders at the same time. A co-occurring disorders treatment center comparison crowns The Sanctuary at Sedona as one of the best service providers. Compared to other non-co-occurring treatment centers, we offer a lot more amenities and features.

Instead of focusing on one area of your problems, our team creates an individualized holistic treatment program that caters to your specific needs. What makes our center stand out in the crowd of holistic treatment centers is the fact that we are able to treat more than one disorder or disease at a time. Plus, we remove all of the shame that is associated with seeking treatment for both addiction and mental illness. We provide in depth co-occurring disorder treatment options that can benefit people with multiple co-occurring conditions.

Why The Sanctuary at Sedona is the Top Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Center

The Sanctuary at Sedona is more than just a co-occurring disorder treatment center and rehab. Our one of a kind facility offers one of a kind treatment options, which is one of our many perks. Our thirty day program is designed to heal the body and brain while revitalizing the soul.

We are trailblazing the way when it comes to treating addiction and symptoms associated with trauma. Learning our techniques on how to treat co-occurring disorders can be the best way to see that our services are the best option. Our team provides a personable experience that is free from judgment. Moving on from trauma in the past isn’t easy by yourself. Let our team extend a helping hand and support you with our cutting edge strategies and treatment techniques.

What is a Co-Occurring Disorder The Sanctuary at Sedona can Treat?

There are multiple co-occurring disorders that our holistic treatment methods can address. From depression and anxiety to addiction and trauma, we can treat many problems that are diagnosed together. We can also provide aftercare service that provides you with caring support long after your thirty day treatment period is over. Clients will create friendships and professional relationships with others who can help provide them with the community they need to achieve new levels of success using our program.

Treatment Features and Benefits

With the holistic dual diagnosis treatment options we offer, clients can experience private and intimate settings, in addition to our science based recovery program. Our treatment center for co-occurring disorders has been approved by multiple professional doctors in varying fields of expertise. On our twenty two acre campus, clients will have private accommodations that are luxurious. We offer the best organic food in the local area at our one of a kind treatment facility. Our specialists help you address the root of your trauma or addiction so that you can move on with your life.

Co-occurring Disorders Treatment Center
The Sanctuary at Sedona

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