Why is Drug Rehab so Frequently Unsuccessful?

Why is Drug Rehab so Frequently Unsuccessful

Why is Drug Rehab so Frequently Unsuccessful?

The main goal of rehab is ultimately to achieve lasting recovery. But, according to more and more studies, lasting recovery rarely seems to happen. Why?

Addiction and drug abuse are a lot like being caught in a downward spiral: every time you think you’ve found a way out, it seems to suck you back in. Failure in recovery isn’t about you not wanting healing enough or not being strong enough to fight against your addiction.

Addiction is so hard to beat because it fundamentally changes all parts of our being: our mindsets, our behaviors, our bodies, our energies, and even our brain chemistry.

If drug rehab hasn’t worked for you in the past, that doesn’t mean hope is lost. In fact, it might mean you’re ready to try something completely different. 

A Different Type of Drug Rehab

In the US, more than 95% of rehabs use the 12-Step method. The 12 Steps are a helpful tool for many people on their path to recovery – but it’s okay if they haven’t worked for you. There are other types of rehabs out there, and finding the right one for you is a normal part of the recovery journey. 

The Sanctuary at Sedona is a holistic, non 12-Step drug addiction treatment center. What this means is that we approach addiction treatment by looking at the whole picture of you and your health, to fully understand how to help you achieve total healing.  

Addiction alone isn’t the problem; it’s a symptom, an indication, of an unresolved deeper hurt or past trauma that hasn’t been fully healed. Because of this, addiction doesn’t affect only your mental health but also your body, soul, and spirit. 

For true, lifelong recovery to happen, all of these parts of you must be brought into the healing process. Our holistic addiction treatment program guides you on a complete journey of transformation by harnessing the power of a variety of techniques catered to your unique situation and being. 

Some of the holistic techniques integrated into our program include: 

  • One-on-one counseling and group therapy
  • Mindfulness and meditation exercises
  • Physical movement and bodywork
  • Nutritional education and organic meal plan
  • Art and dance therapy
  • Spiritual grounding through energy medicine 

You Have the Power to Heal

One of the key differences between conventional addiction treatment models and our holistic treatment program is our view of addiction. At The Sanctuary, we don’t see addiction as a chronic, lifelong disease. Our program is centered on the belief that you have the innate power to heal. 

The latest scientific discoveries in the fields of epigenetics and neurogenesis prove that we are capable of influencing our brain function away from addiction. This means that not only can you be free from addiction, but you can also reverse the damage that has been done. 

Sometimes all you need are the right guides and resources to empower you to take control of your wellbeing. 

Be Restored to Your True Self, and be Successful in Rehab 

You don’t have to live in the shadows of your past. But you also shouldn’t let your past stop you from discovering the path to true healing and a life free from addiction. 

Every member of our team at The Sanctuary wholeheartedly believes you can recover from addiction – we’ve seen it happen to so many others. Let us help you discover how to heal on all levels, no matter what stage of addiction you’re in. 

Contact us today to start your journey to a new life.