What is Your Obstacle to Holistic Addiction Recovery?

What is Your Obstacle to Holistic Addiction Recovery?

What if the only obstacle that is in the way of your recovery, becoming who you want to be and creating the life you want, is you. This is such a liberating truth and can also be overwhelming. Our culture is based on and functions within the confines of the triangle of disempowerment. There is the victim (martyr), the rescuer and the bully. There are the good guys, the bad guys and those that mediate between the two. We live in such a state of victim consciousness that often we aren’t even aware we are living it. How easy it is for us to fall into the trap that somehow all of “this” is happening to us. That we are not proactively creating our life, but rather that we are always reacting to life in a state of “default living”.

Even those of us who are more of the “glass half full” people – the eternal optimists who are always trying to make lemonade out of lemons – are unknowingly still working within a more polished version of the victim paradigm. We are still implying that we are dealt a hand and that someone or something else – God, fate, chance, etc. – gave us a script, a “life prescription”, and we can either have a negative and “feel sorry for ourselves” attitude, or be positive and see the silver lining in it all.

Obviously the latter perceptual state is preferable in that it will undoubtedly create less stress and more happiness in our life. But isn’t this still the same old victim paradigm dressed up in new age positive thinking sheep’s clothing? Think about it. Why just be handed a glass with water? Why be handed anything. Why not go out and find the source of the stream? Why make lemonade from the lemons you were given. Maybe you don’t want fruit at all. Why be an “outside the box” thinker? This implies there is a set box, firm rules with 4 lines that make a 3D square. What if there is no box at all? What if your universe consists of sacred geometry instead? What if you have moved beyond the limited Newtonian, materialist and linear thinking to the quantum universe filled with possibility.

Waking Up

Even for those of us who are on a spiritual path and have begun the process of “waking up”, it is still so easy to fall back into the disempowerment triangle, especially in our relationship with whatever we call our higher power, divine intelligence or “God”. How easy it is to still feel separated from God, as though God is “out there” and we are “in here”. We pray to God for help because we feel we cannot help ourselves. We want to be rescued, and when we are in a depression, having an existential crisis or a dark night of the soul, then we may blame God and feel forsaken and abandoned. We may understand intellectually that this is not the law of the quantum universe, yet there is a disconnect between what we know in our mind and what we feel in our heart. We may know we are not a victim, but we still feel and experience the eons of programming that say we are ultimately powerlessness and at the mercy and control of our external circumstances. This has become locked into our cellular memory and has become our “truth” and how we believe the laws of the universe (or God) work.

There is nothing more rewarding and more difficult than consciously reprogramming ourselves, whether it is our bodies as we eat better and exercise more, or our ingrained, conditioned beliefs that we are not in control of our lives in any real and meaningful way and that no matter what we do, or how hard we try, nothing will ever really change – that we are trapped, stuck and must accept the life we were “given”.

So what is the greatest obstacle to feeling better and to living the life you want? What is keeping you from your addiction recovery? It may be your belief, on some level, usually subconscious and hidden from you, that it is not possible.

And until now, perhaps it wasn’t. But what if this is just a false belief that is time to check back in with? Perhaps it is time to at least be open to the possibility that much of what you have been told is “true” about yourself, the world, and the laws of the universe may be limiting and in some cases actually false.

New Science for Healing

New science is now supporting what the great indigenous wisdom traditions, mystery schools and spiritual teachers have known for millennia. Our human technology, our mind-body-soul-spirit, is powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. Once we learn how to harness our physical and subtle energy bodies and train the mind and body to be in a state of total coherence, we have the opportunity to move beyond the disempowerment triangle, to heal addictions and to create a life of connection, meaning and purpose. The moment you open up to this possibility, is the moment that this possibility can become your reality.