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Healing By Releasing Trauma

Trauma, along with stress and tension, affects both the mind and body. A well-rounded and holistic approach to healing from trauma recognizes that the body and the mind are inseparable, and helps us to harness the innate healing mechanisms that our bodies are equipped with.

What Happens When We Experience Trauma?

We all experience and react to trauma differently. There are certain responses and physiological reactions, though, that we all have in common. We are flooded with stress chemicals, which the body releases to help us cope, fight, and stay alert. But what happens next?

Researchers have found that wild animals who are emerging from trauma often spasm and shake intensely. A similar physical response has been seen in children during and following traumatic events.

As adults, we don’t tend to experience these kinds of fierce shakes or tremors. Have we outgrown this natural response, or are we suppressing it out of fear? Many trauma experts believe that it’s the latter.

The reality is that our bodies are equipped to help us cope with trauma, with a little bit of help from us. When we suppress our innate mechanisms for releasing tension, we allow that tension, stress and trauma to live within our bodies. This build-up of trauma and tension can lead to both physical and mental health problems, addiction, anxiety and depression.

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) for Restoring Balance

TRE are a practical and powerful therapeutic tool designed to safely activate your natural tremor and shaking mechanisms. This is your body’s natural response that has been found to help release unresolved trauma, stress and tension from the body.

The set of six trauma-releasing exercises, developed by trauma therapist Dr. David Berceli, targets specific muscles associated with the release of built-up muscular tension. This release calms the nervous system and allows your body to return to a more balanced state.

How TRE Works

TRE exercises focus on specific muscles in the legs including the Psoas, which is associated with the “fight or flight” response to stress. The exercises are designed to activate the shaking that releases tension, before returning the body to a state of calm.

Many individuals find themselves feeling more at peace, grounded and emotionally resilient following TRE. This practice is effective in treating PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction. Many people also report improved sleep, fewer aches and pains and more energy.

Is TRE Right for You?

TRE can be beneficial for those who are healing from trauma of all kinds, working through addiction or simply exhausted by accumulated stress. Working with a TRE-trained therapist can give you a better understanding of the ways in which stress and trauma may have stored in your body, how this underlies PTSD, addiction and other mental health issues, and how to let it go and begin to recover.

The Sanctuary at Sedona offers an integrative approach to healing from trauma. Our programs integrate various modalities and treatments that address the underlying causes that affect your body, mind, soul and spirit, including TRE, meditation, breathwork and nutritional and spiritual counseling.

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