Super Food for Super Health and Holistic Addiction Recovery

Super Food for Super Health and Holistic Addiction Recovery

Food is energy needed to sustain life.

Super Food for Super Health and Holistic Addiction Recovery. The types of food we eat determine the quality of fuel on which we run ourselves and our lives. Just as a motor runs less efficiently with poor fuel, so do we. Some of the foods we eat even cause dysfunction, switching off pathways to vibrant health, causing cravings, and a sense of insatiable emptiness. Physical, emotional, and mental discomfort results from improper nutrition. Consequently, as a truly holistic addiction recovery program, we are strongly committed to healing this aspect of our clients’ lives as well.

Modern life has confused many of us about what foods we need to lead a healthful life. We have become used to taking supplements, for example, to compensate for what our food and diet lack. Our holistic addiction recovery center helps correct the confusion and imbalances we have regarding nutrition. At the Sanctuary we teach the science and practical applications of getting adequate nutrition from foods rich in vitamins and minerals. It is our belief that this is an essential part of true recovery and we practice it daily in our meal planning but also in classes, coaching, and education.

Chris, one of our original chefs here at The Sanctuary at Sedona likens our bodies to engines and our food to the fuel that runs the engine. He says that we were all born with Ferrari’s, but feel so poorly and run so much below our capacities that we have no idea what fine engines we have. His work embraces the concept of ‘mineralizing’ our bodies and brains by eating foods rich in nutrients that actualize our true capacity for optimal health. He brings seemingly inaccessible ideas down to earth with concepts and practical tips that make such high levels of nutrition and well-being well within reach. For example, he de-mystifies the idea of using ‘superfoods’, explaining their importance and ways to successfully incorporate them into our diets.

Chris believes that we can use our daily food as preventive medicine to greatly enhance our immune systems and build resiliency in all ways. He says also that we can use food to heal what has gone wrong. Chris also offers valuable insight into the role of poor nutrition in the cravings of addiction. He says that the desire for getting high is in great part a desperate yearning for feeling better than the poor nutrition of our daily lives allows us to feel. You can hear more from Chris here.

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