Subconscious Mind Training

Subconscious Mind Training

Subconscious Mind Training: Power of Beliefs

Do self-defeating beliefs keep you bound?

“Everybody has an opinion of us, and they tell us what we are.  As very young children, we don’t know what we are.  The only way we can see ourselves is through a mirror, and other people act as that mirror.”1

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  What do you say to yourself?   Do you speak to yourself with encouraging words or do you criticize yourself with an internal dialog of contempt? Do you tell yourself that you need to lose weight, stop drinking or go to more meetings?  Do you tell yourself to just get over “it” and move on?  Do you promise yourself you will not drink/drug/over eat or have an outburst, only to do the exact thing you assure yourself you will not do?

Why Subconscious Mind Training Matters

Despite our best intentions to love ourselves, to have a good day or to not use harmful behaviors or substances, we often wind up thinking and doing the exact opposite.  Why?

To get a better understanding of this we must look more closely at the brain.  For this discussion we will separate the brain into two categories, conscious and unconscious.  The conscious brain refers to the functions that are in our awareness, such as where you are and that you are reading this.  The unconscious brain refers to all the processes that are not in our awareness, such as your body temperature and your learned knowledge.  Beliefs, fears and trauma are stored in the limbic brain, which is part of the unconscious.  The unconscious brain processes a million times more information than the conscious mind, every second of every day.  This explains why we often do the exact opposite of what we want.  Our conscious mind is like a pocket calculator trying to out match a giant super computer, the unconscious.  Anyone reading this knows that that the super computer wins 99.9% of the time.

The unconscious mind is like a giant hard drive, storing information that will be retrieved later.  The information on this hard drive is not edited as to the validity or truth of the information, particularly in the early years of our lives.  A newborn baby needs information to survive in the world and nature provides for that.  From the womb to the age of approximately seven years old the brain is in the delta (sleep) or theta state (imagination or lucid dream).  In these states the brain is in record mode, taking in information about the world and what is safe.  The brain is not editing this information as to how true or useful it is.  If a child hears negative, abusive or fearful messages during this time, that information becomes part of the child’s unconscious programming and belief system.

Beliefs affect every aspect of our lives, from our self-esteem to the friends we have, to our level of success, to our physical and mental health.  Beliefs effect every decision we make every day from the jobs we have to the toothpaste we buy.  These beliefs are unconscious and invisible to us.

Self-defeating beliefs and a negative self-perception affect every aspect of your life, including addiction.  Limiting false beliefs can be life threatening.  At the very least can leave you feeling mentally exhausted and like a virus, transcends into every part of your physical, emotional, and spiritual life.  Limiting self-beliefs create trauma that places your overall health and well-being at risk of further imbalance and even disease.  This is why subconscious mind training is important. Learning how to let go of the past, release limiting beliefs, transform your wounds into sources of wisdom and strength is at the very core of The Radical Transformation Program offered at The Sanctuary at Sedona.  Are you ready to recapture your physical, emotional, and spiritual health?

Rethinking Beliefs with Subconscious Mind Training

A belief is a perception, conviction, or opinion that you hold about yourself, a situation, event, or others.  Your interaction with family, friends, and within society all played an important role in the development of your belief system.  Nearly everyone in your life has probably expressed an opinion about you.  You subsequently learned from others the conscious and subconscious beliefs you now hold about yourself.  If you were constantly berated or subjected to abuse as a child, you may embody a feeling of worthlessness and deserving of abuse as an adult.

Beliefs are intangible sources of perceived knowledge that you think are true.  Beliefs do not need to be true or factual.  They are an assumption that you hold in your heart to be true or factual.  Beliefs are most often associated with religion and culture.  However, beliefs – including how you interact with others to what type of food you eat – are a part of your everyday life and define how you see the world.  What you believe (consciously and subconsciously) comes true.

Stress Response

The brain is truly an amazing organ, however, “people’s neurological makeup can interact with the environment to alter their wiring.”2  It is therefore important to acknowledge that limiting beliefs play havoc with your psyche and cause trauma to our physical body and our brains as well.  When you are feeling physically or mentally stressed, your body and brain rev up and enter a primitive state of fight or flight.  This permanent state of heightened stress not only takes its toll on you physically by constantly releasing stress chemicals into the body, but it limits your ability to access higher brain functions which are vital to feeling a sense of balance and connection with your true Self.

Because your subconscious mind processes information at 1,000,000 faster than your conscious mind, it is critical to address the root cause of your negative belief patterns, align your conscious and subconscious mind with subconscious mind training.  To heal all limiting beliefs at the very core of your soul is at the very source of being connected and at peace with your Self.

Aligning your Soul Through Subconscious Mind Training

Our overall health and well-being is intricately tied to the state of our physical, emotional, and spiritual Self.  Once you are ready to change your life, you may seek help in the form of therapy to help you move past the crisis that you are experiencing.  Traditional therapy is a beautiful way to start the transformation journey.  Identifying patterns of self-destructive behavior as well as developing an action plan to help you see yourself in a new way are all positive influences that can bring about the changes you are seeking.  To truly heal, however, you must work on subconscious mind training to align the conscious and subconscious mind and heal at the level of the soul.

At the very core of The Sanctuary at Sedona, is Radical Transformation™ a 4-step healing program that incorporates ancient healing modalities as well as the latest scientific neuroscience advancements to synergistically heal and integrate your mind, body, soul and spirit.  Radical Transformation™ addresses the root cause of your negative belief patterns, helps you let go of past trauma, and focuses on the restoration and healing of your entire being.   Radical Transformation™ offers you the opportunity to reunite the pieces of your soul that have been missing and find the connectedness you have been searching for.  In addition, Radical Transformation™ embraces the latest advancements in epigenetics and neuroplasticity making it possible for you to influence your brain back to a state of health.

Now is the time stop the repetitive patterns of limiting self-beliefs.  Now is the time to let go of past trauma that has bound us in sadness and pain.  Now is the time to take hold of the destiny that awaits.  It is time to embrace a life filled with beauty and joy; separate from and let go of those limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. It is time to harness your physical and subtle energy bodies and retrain your mind and body to accept forgiveness, accept love, and accept new thought patterns.  It is time to create a life of true connection with your Self.  It is time to let go of the past.  It is time to forgive.  It is time to create.  It is time to live.

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