Sedona, Arizona: The Definitive Destination for Wellness-Centered Rehab

Sedona has long been a sought-after location for spiritual and healing practices. The site of sacred Native American ceremonies for centuries and a mecca for healers and alternative therapists for decades, it’s no wonder Sedona is a modern-day capital of wellness-focused facilities and activities. Its stunning landscapes are the perfect backdrop for the self-exploration, mind-body connection, and divine healing that are so incredibly important to those in addiction recovery, making it an ideal setting for a holistic recovery center.

A Global Power Spot That Boosts Your Healing Process

Sedona is famous for being the home of multiple vortex sites – centers of energy that are conducive to self-exploration, prayer, meditation, and receiving spiritual guidance. These vortexes are places on earth where spiritual energy runs very high, and visitors are able to access the universe’s vibrational frequencies. The four vortexes of Sedona – Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon, are home to some of the most powerful energy on Earth. All are located within a small radius and can easily be reached by hiking or driving. You’ll know you’ve reached an energy center when you start to notice juniper trees with twisted branches, as they are especially sensitive to the energies at these sites.

A Wellness Culture That Nurtures Your Spirit

Sedona has long been a gathering place for alternative healers, artists, energy workers, and spiritual pilgrims on their own personal journeys of transformation. Here, you’ll be steeped in a local culture that’s focused on wellness and spiritual renewal, making it the ideal place to step away from the stressors and triggers found in your daily routine and focus completely on your personal growth. And you’ll learn how to incorporate beneficial practices into your life from some of the foremost practitioners of alternative healing.   

A Connection With Nature That Restores the Soul

Nature is our ultimate Earthly teacher – when you’re in recovery, immersing yourself in nature helps you unlearn your negative patterns by rekindling your sense of wonder and reminding you of how small your problems really are. Sedona is home to some of the most dramatic natural scenery in the Southwest, with its massive rust-orange cliffs jutting out against its turquoise skies and surrounding Coconino National Forest providing abundant greenery year-round. A hiker’s paradise, it’s also home to more trails than anywhere else in Arizona. If waking up to a glorious high-desert sunrise, climbing to a nearby vista, and taking in the surrounding view with sage-scented air filling your lungs sounds like a welcome change of pace from your current day-to-day, Sedona just might be your personal paradise.

The Sanctuary at Sedona: Your Home While You Heal

At The Sanctuary, we understand that location and environment are tantamount to successfully healing from addiction. Located on a secluded, 22-acre property surrounded by gorgeous high desert landscapes, our campus houses a variety of unique therapeutic tools designed to assist your recovery process. Our Native American medicine wheel mirror helps you to see your true self more clearly; our fire ceremony area allows you to release your negative patterns, and our biodynamic garden is abundant in organic vegetables and healing herbs that promote your health and recovery – all of which combines to restore your spirit to what it is meant to be.

To learn more about The Sanctuary, see Our Commitment to Service and Change.

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