Rewriting the Code: Changing the Genetics of Alcoholism With Epigenetics in Recovery

Rewriting the Code: Changing the Genetics of Alcoholism With Epigenetics in Recovery

Conventional wisdom has long held that alcoholism is a genetic disease, and there is some truth to this. A wide range of genetic factors and inherited traits may make some people more prone to alcohol addiction – according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Variations in a large number of genes affect risk for alcoholism.” Your genes may even determine, to an extent, how much you’re likely to drink and how vulnerable you are to the physical and mental effects of alcohol abuse, such as your likelihood of contracting certain alcohol-associated diseases as a result.

But that story isn’t set in stone. There is no alcoholism gene – genetic factors account for about 50 percent of the risk for developing alcohol use disorder, and environmental factors are responsible for the rest. And as we’re about to see, your environment also affects your genetic code, which can work to your great advantage in the recovery process.

Using Epigenetics to Change Old Patterns of Addiction

As it turns out, gene expression isn’t fixed. While we may not be able to change our genetic code, we can influence which parts of our DNA express themselves, and which ones don’t. As researchers uncover more information about how our genetics manifest in our health and wellness, they’ve learned that gene expression can, in fact, be altered.

This phenomenon is called epigenetics. And it means that, even if you may have inherited patterns of alcoholism and the mental health issues that come along with it, you don’t have to resign yourself to it. Because genes respond to their environment, and because what we think and feel and believe can physically alter our gene expression, we’re allowed to flip the script. We can fully recover from alcoholism; we’re not destined for a life of powerlessness over addiction.

Getting Well Lifts Everyone Up

The way you think and feel have so much real, evidenced impact on your body, all the way down to a cellular level. You can directly influence your DNA, turn your negative behavioral patterns around and begin to feel better. And because we are all connected by the same energy field, how you feel affects everyone around you, too. With the help of experienced addiction experts and wellness practitioners, you can use epigenetics therapeutically to dramatically enhance your recovery progress.

Holistic Alcohol Addiction Treatment at The Sanctuary

The existence of a body-mind-spirit connection is proven through epigenetics – and we can use that to our advantage while treating addiction. At The Sanctuary, epigenetic science is a cornerstone of our integrative addiction treatment approach. We use a combination of modern scientific research and ancient spiritual practice to help you address your addiction on the deepest level, so you can empower yourself to completely recover.

Learn some simple ways to start incorporating epigenetics into your life here – Epigenetic Modification: 5 Ways to Change Your DNA.

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