Prayer Bundle and Quantum Physics

Understanding the Prayer Bundle

The photo is of a prayer bundle that Dean made to offer to the ocean where he spent his summers growing up on the New Jersey Shore. This spiritual practice comes from the Andean wisdom keepers, including the pre-Incan indigenous people called the Q’ero. They call this ceremonial prayer offering a “Despacho”. This sacred offering is made in great honoring to the elementals, nature spirits and great power centers such as the mountains (Apus), Mother Earth (Pachamama) or stars (Ch’aska).

The prayer bundle is filled with various ingredients each symbolizing a sacred element of giving thanks, such as candy representing the sweetness of life, various seeds representing the plant kingdom and the fertility of life, cotton representing the clouds and the rain, a silver and gold cord representing the book of our life already written and the book yet to be written, as well as our prayers, intentions, gratitude and love. The prayer bundle is given with the intent and as an act of deep gratitude for the sacredness of all life. It reminds us that we all come from the same source and that we are all connected in our heart, mind, body and soul.

Dean’s prayer bundle is an offering to honor the powerful elemental nature spirit and guardian of his place of birth. This is a powerful energy source that first connects our physical body to our luminous body and the one source of all life. There is a male elemental spirit called your “Itu Apu”, which is usually a mountain spirit, and a female elemental spirit, called your “Paqarina”, which is usually some body of water such as an ocean, river or lake.

Creating the prayer bundle is not only a beautiful spiritual practice, but also very much a ceremony of quantum physics. It reminds us that we are no longer living in a strictly Newtonian universe where we are separate from and confined by the laws of nature; where our material world is separate from the spiritual world and the mind and body are distinct and separate from the soul and the spirit.

The prayer bundle, like quantum physics, is all about fields of energy and the invisible luminous threads that connect everything to everything. We interact with this field and are participating in and are an integral part of all creation. There is no separation between the subconscious and the conscious. The mind-body-soul-spirit is a unified system.

The prayer bundle helps us to get back into a state of balance within ourselves, others and our planet. It also allows us to be in a state of what the Q’ero call “Ayni”, which is being in right relationship with all of life and in perfect balance with giving and receiving. Addictions keep us in a state of imbalance and create feelings of despair, hopelessness and utter disconnection from Source. We feel alone in our suffering with a sense of always being on the outside looking in. Addictions may start out as the only way we know to cope with our pain, yet soon turn on us and only feed our fears, shame and guilt.

Creating a prayer bundle is part of the Radical Transformation program at The Sanctuary. When we begin to heal from our addictions, we quickly move back into our natural state of balance and Ayni. We begin to heal our mind, body, soul and spirit and soon reclaim our desire and will to live. We soon find that our lives are filled with less struggle, our hearts filled with greater gratitude and we know that our prayers are always answered as the universe conspires in our favor.