Personal Experience at The Sanctuary

Are You Broken? A Personal Experience at The Sanctuary

I was broken.

I had been to several conventional treatment centers, rehabs that used the social model, the traditional treatment center type 12 step model, and I continued to suffer from my addictions. I followed all of the advice that was given to me. I went to meetings every day for years. I had a sponsor – I sponsored others. I completed the steps several times.

I knew deep down that I needed more but I had the hardest time accepting the truth of my life.

When I found The Sanctuary I was at my wits end. I had recently suffered from a horrible relapse with real and dire consequences and I knew that I was on the precipice of a huge turning point in my life.

My experience at The Sanctuary was more than I could have ever imagined. The mysteries of my behaviors were revealed to me in a gentle, loving way, but a powerful and deeply impacting way. There was a simple path that I could follow, it was not easy. The program at The Sanctuary required all of my focus and energy, but for every ounce of energy I put in, the experienced and professional staff at The Sanctuary put in so much more.

It was through the real care for my well-being, and the acceptance without judgment that I was finally able to release the years of pain and just become the person that I knew I was. I no longer consider myself to be “an alcoholic and an addict”. Today I am simply completely free from all addictive behaviors.

I know I can never go back, but from here, I would never want to go back. The life I have before me is finally a reflection of all the best parts of me, and I will be forever grateful to those that referred me to The Sanctuary, to myself for taking the chance, and to Dean and Kelley in particular for creating such a masterpiece.

If you are on the fence, please, feel the truth of my words and consider reading them again. I wish for you all the freedom that I have found through my experience at The Sanctuary.