Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Facing the Obstacle of Addiction


Importance of Overcoming Limiting Beliefs:

There is a wonderful teaching story that when Christopher Columbus first came to the Americas, the native people could not see his ships on the horizon coming towards their shore. However, the shaman did notice the waves and crests the ships made in the water, even though he could not see the ships themselves. This opened him to the possibilities of what could be making these waves and once this happened he began to see the ships. The teaching is that humans cannot process what they either do not understand, believe, or is just too much for them to handle psychologically, spiritually or emotionally. Instead, they must work on overcoming limiting beliefs to see the possibilities.

Imagine that if everything in the known universe, seen and unseen, dark and visible matter, fit on the face of the Empire State Building. Now imagine that everything we can perceive with our limited 5 senses fits into a speck of sand on the building.

This leads one to ask what exactly is right in front of us that we are unable to see simply because it is so far out of what we know and/or is out of our comfort zone? Think of the possibilities!

Isn’t it possible that the great beings, ascended masters, healers and teachers have not necessarily been smarter than the rest of us, but rather they are just better able to believe in the unseen? That they are open to possibilities and not probabilities? That they are not afflicted with “Paradigm Attachment Disorder”? That they are not stuck in the box because they all know there is no box! They have mastered overcoming limiting beliefs.

What are those obstacles that keep you stuck in the box? That keep you from seeing the ships in your own life? For most of us, it is not the literal world obstacles that we think they are. It is not the job we hate, or the relationship that is abusive, or that we are too fat, too thin, too old or too young. That we are a single working mother raising kids, or the fact that we have a chronic ailment, or that we were told we are bipolar, depressed or an addict. It is not because we are too poor, or don’t have enough time, or are just not lucky. You may think these are the obstacles holding you back from becoming the person you long to be, but they really aren’t. They are certainly obstacles in your life, but they are not the reason you are stuck — they are just the evidence that something in you is stuck that you are creating and calling in either consciously or subconsciously.

What’s holding you back and standing in your way is a disempowering and limiting, most often hidden and subconscious, belief about yourself and life. This is the truth. And this is very liberating because if the cause of your limitation lies within you and not some external thing you have no control over, than there is hope. You can change. Find out what this belief is and then get to know it – how it lives and breathes in you – how your life organizes itself around it – how you continue to create situations to reinforce it – all the other thoughts, actions and feelings that are associated with it – and then if you are ready, willing and able, you can release it. This is the key to overcoming limiting beliefs. Once you release it, you can create a new belief with new thoughts, feelings, behaviors and then watch and see how your life mirrors this back to you.

This process is not just saying positive affirmations. It is a process – a journey of Radical Transformation™ of the mind/body/soul/spirit. It is possible and it happens all the time. You can change. You can be the person you want to be, even if all those other times your best intentions failed. Your intentions were good, you just didn’t have the map, or blueprint, on how to actually change your beliefs. You didn’t have the tools and practices on how to use your human technology to actually make sustainable shifts and changes in your life. It is all out there, and in you, ready and waiting. Overcoming limiting beliefs is possible. The question is…are you ready to take that quantum leap into the unknown world of possibility, joy and transformation?