Overcome Adversity with Buddhist Wisdom

Overcome Adversity with Buddhist Wisdom

Overcome Adversity with Buddhist Wisdom. Life comes with inevitable ups and downs. Learning to overcome adversity is crucial because there are difficulties in life. How to Wake Up Author Toni Bernhard shares her Buddhist-inspired wisdom on how to cope and overcome adversity. She uses spiritual tools to deal with life’s challenges.

One of the concepts that anchor her beliefs is the universal law of impermanence. This is the idea that nothing is permanent – that everything changes as time progresses. Accepting this concept helps one to accept changes in life. Not everything is always going to be perfect because nothing is always the same. This ties in with the notion that one cannot always get everything he or she wants. One must deal with changes and the challenges that newness brings.

Bernhard goes on to share the exercises and practices she finds most helpful to overcome adversity in life. Her “go-to” practices are self-compassion and equanimity.

Self-compassion is the tolerance to accept what one feels, on an individual basis. This can be sorrow, joy, loneliness, confusion, pride, connectedness, and more. It doesn’t matter which emotion one feels, each person should allow him or herself to experience it because it is a part of life. Moreover, understanding that life is a mix of emotion is to be equanimous.

“A mind that is equanimous understands that life is a mixture of joys and sorrows and responds to both those circumstances with an even temper and a peaceful heart,” stated Bernhard.

Without sorrow, there can be nothing to compare joy to. Challenges, adversity and the sorrow it brings helps mankind to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the joys in life. According to Bernhard, Buddha’s awakening occurred when he realized the key to peace and well-being is to accept life as it is, including the sorrows and joys.

At the Sanctuary at Sedona, we can help you overcome adversity. We acknowledge that addiction is a real disease with genetic grounds. However, we also know the human brain can rewire itself and create a new neural network through the practice and exercise of self-compassion and equanimity, which can help you overcome adversity.

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No matter what struggle you are facing, the Sanctuary at Sedona’s Radical Transformation can help you overcome adversity.

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