Nutritious Smoothies

Nutritious Smoothies


Benefits of Nutritious Smoothies

Nutritious smoothies are an important part of the daily routine at the Sanctuary. Christopher Holden, the head chef at the Sanctuary at Sedona Addictions Recovery and Trauma Healing Center, regularly whips up nutritious smoothies for the center’s clients as a part of the process of healing the body.

The nutritious smoothies are packed with organic produce and HealthForce Nutritionals. HealthForce Nutritionals is a superior source for raw, vegan, biocompatible nutrional superfoods. These products contain no fillers, binders, excipients, synthetics, isolates or animal products. HealthForce only uses food-based ingredients, specifically superfoods, herbs, clays and food-based antioxidants. Additionally, the products come in EcoFresh Nutrient Lock amber glass packaging to maintain maximum product potency and purity.


Founded in 1990 by leaders in holistic health, HealthForce Nutritionals has become the trusted source for truly organic, complete nutrition. Many products blend superfoods such as spiralina, maca, chlorella, nettle leaf, alfalfa grass, ginger root, and so much more. The Sanctuary incorporates its products into nutritious smoothies because of its numerous benefits. Each Healthforce product is specifically designed with a purpose in mind such as: supporting blood sugar detoxification, boosting the immune system, repairing the liver, strengthening muscles, promoting brain function, helping digestion, delivering antioxidants, alkalizing the body, and so on.


In addition to serving nutritious smoothies, Holden educates Sanctuary clients on nourishing the body through smoothies. They are especially great because they are easy and quick to prepare and dense in nutrition. They can be tailored to fit your individual body’s needs.

“Superfoods are called that because they literally have super amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics – so much that we have to make a completely different category of food to fit them into,” said Holden.

He explains that superfoods are not only important for the sustenance they provide, but also for their ability to alter your genetic code and enable you to evolve. The growing study of epigenetics has recently found that it is possible to change your genetic makeup. By doing so, we can improve ourselves and overcome any obstacles that come up.

Watch Holden discuss the benefits of nutritious smoothies.

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