No One Wants an Addiction to Run Their Life

No One Wants an Addiction to Run Their Life

No One Wants an Addiction to Run Their Life. Amazing people come to the Sanctuary. They are talented and smart people who have been successful in a lot of ways, but addiction is dismantling that, or already has. They tell us how they have self-sabotaged despite giving recovery their best shot–working hard, taking suggestions, and following recommendations. Time after time, so many have cycled through abstinence and relapse again and again only to find that even hope is slipping away, that addiction is taking that, too.

No one wants to be addicted. Those suffering in addiction want what we all want: to live healthy and happy lives; to pursue their passions and to have successful relationships, but their behavior keeps them entrapped in a self-defeating life. They don’t know why this happens or how to change it. Certainly, they would have fixed it a long time ago if they had known how. People in that position begin to feel like a hopeless cause… that they are more damaged than others and that recovery may be only for other people. They feel profoundly disempowered, broken, hopeless, and ashamed, but when they come here, we know that if they do the work put before them, their self-sabotage and its pain can be transformed.

This is a place of deep transformation. Our clients have spoken eloquently about that and we want to share their stories because we think they say it best. For example, we have been told that the Sanctuary offers practical and pragmatic solutions that translate from here into the real world, mobilizing the personal power to do what needs to be done in daily life to sustain sobriety.

Clients also tell us that, while this is not an easy process, a significant and deep change happened for them in which their burdens of self-hatred, depression, shame, and helplessness were relieved. We believe, and have seen evidence of it every day, that transformation doesn’t have to take a lifetime. A deep shift can occur almost instantaneously in the right setting with the right help. Please listen to what a few of our clients have had to say about their experiences with us. They say it far better than we can.

Overcoming addiction through our non 12 step holistic treatment program may offer what you have been searching for to live a happy, healthy life.

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