New Book Release – One Spirit Medicine by Dr. Alberto Villoldo

The Sanctuary at Sedona ‘s

Feature Book for April 2015

‘One Spirit Medicine’ ~ by Dr. Alberto Villoldo

New Book Release – One Spirit Medicine by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. The Sanctuary at Sedona is very happy to share this great new information with all our readers.  Learn how to hack the human bio-field to create optimal wellness through Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s newest book, One Spirit Medicine.

As you know, much of the Sanctuary’s program is based on the work of Alberto Villoldo and his school, The Four Winds Society, where Dean Taraborelli (co-Founder, The Sanctuary at Sedona) and Ruby Parker are both teachers. Many of the practitioners at The Sanctuary at Sedona are graduates of The Four Winds Society.

Alberto is a visionary, a mystic, a cutting edge scientist and a powerful storyteller. His new book will open your eyes, mind and heart!

Follow the link below to learn more and see what other famous Authors are saying about this amazing book!