Motivation for Recovery

Motivation for Recovery Beyond the 12-Step Program

Are you motivated in life by the carrot or the stick? There are various psychological studies and theories about motivation. Motivation is basically a person’s desire to do things, such as getting up in the morning, going to work, exercising, eating well or staying clean and sober.

One theory of motivation puts people in two camps; those who are moving away from a problem and what they do not want vs. those who are moving towards a goal and what they do want. A simple example is a student who studies harder in order to get the scholarship to go to college in contrast to a student who studies harder only when he is about to flunk out.

Neither style is necessarily better than the other. Those who “move away” are often very good problem solvers, whereas those who “move toward” are often very good creators.

Two Types of Motivation for Recovery

The 12-step program works better with those types whose motivation for recovery are prompted by moving away. The 1st step continually reminds the person that they are chronically and incurably diseased. The 12-step motivation to stay clean is fundamentally based on the fear of ever taking that first drink or substance. The motivation is the avoidance of being an addict. In other words, 12-step programs work well for those people who are motivated by the proverbial “stick”. A life of disease symptom management is enough.

However, this approach is not effective for those people whose motivation for recovery are stemmed by the proverbial “carrot”. To these people, merely staying clean and sober and “managing” their disease are not enough. They need something more. In their motivation for recovery, they need a bigger picture for their lives that move way beyond the limiting story of “addict”.

The Sanctuary at Sedona’s Radical Transformation™ Program is specifically designed for those whose motivation for recovery come from a desire for a better, wholesome life. We cater to those motivated by the carrot and not the stick. Those people who want more than to just not use, but want to create an entirely new life story, with new themes. The guests that come to stay at The Sanctuary are extraordinary in that they are “outside the box” thinkers.

At the Sanctuary, very little time is spent actually discussing the addiction. Although many people come thinking this is the problem, they soon realize that it is merely a symptom of something deeper. Guests are able to explore and discover the underlying root causes of their pain and trauma. The Sanctuary’s holistic, mind-body-soul-spirit approach to healing and transformation allows the guests to not only begin the process of recovery, but also to tap into their life force energy and rediscover their passion, meaning and purpose for life.

What’s your motivation for recovery? Is the Radical Transformation™ Program for you? Read more.