Modern Shamanism

What is Modern Shamanism?

Where Did “Shamanic Healing” Originate?

In many indigenous cultures, the Shaman is the medicine man or woman, the one responsible for the care of his or her community. In all such cultures, the Shaman is learned in both the natural/material world (plants, animals, minerals, elements) and the inner/immaterial world (subconscious, energetic). Shamanic traditions date back over 5,000 years and are evident worldwide. 

Modern Shamanism Means Becoming Your Own Shaman

Today, we no longer have shamans in each community. But modern shamanism does exist. As we are creating the new paradigm in health and wholeness, we can all become our own “shaman”. To be “shamanic” means that you find your own inner balance and daily practices for sustainable healing and transformation of your body, mind, soul and spirit. You become your own healer.

Using Modern Shamanism for Addiction Recovery

 modern shamanism modern shamanism

At The Sanctuary, we incorporate modern shamanism in our holistic recovery program because it encourages individuals to tap into their own needs. Recognizing one’s needs is an important step to understanding deep-seated issues that manifest in addictions and harmful habits. We guide you as you heal your body, mind, soul and spirit for lasting recovery.