Woman laying down during an energy medicine session for addiction recovery

Healing the Spirit in Addiction Recovery

By now, we well know that addressing the mind, body, soul and spirit is essential to any truly comprehensive treatment process if we are to deeply and sustainably heal from addiction and trauma. Years of substance abuse and addiction can damage our spirit, throwing our energetic field off kilter and perpetuating a cycle of attracting and putting out negative energy. Conversely, spirituality and belief in a higher power is scientifically proven to increase your health and happiness. Clearing your spirit of toxicity, fortifying its health and cultivating a spiritual practice can have an incredible impact on your ability to overcome your addictions and feel genuinely well.    

Says gastroenterologist William B. Salt II, MD, “The mind, body and spirit are one. It no longer makes sense to classify problems as either (emotional or physical)… If you treat only mind or only body you will miss out on opportunities for healing.” The same concept applies to rehab. While most treatment centers focus on substance use, they’re missing the larger picture: that addiction is a symptom of something deeper.

Your Body as an Energy Field, and What This Means in Addiction and Mental Treatment

While the space around us may seem empty, it’s actually full of information that’s being exchanged around us all the time. Though we can’t perceive it with our five senses, it profoundly influences the way we think, the way we feel, the decisions we make and our life’s path. And our connection to the field in which all those energetic exchanges take place is our nervous system.

Every human has an energy body; it is scientifically proven that meridians (energy channels that conduct our chi or life force) exist. Your nervous system is an electrical system of sorts – with your spinal column at its center, it creates an energy field around you that affects everything it touches. And that personal energy field also communicates with the larger, universal energy field. This process of picking up information through the extension of our nervous system has a huge impact on our energetic wellbeing – in fact, the larger field influences us more than we influence it.

When our nervous systems are working well, they take in good information, and we feel better as a result. But when we’re full of toxicity and negative thought patterns and our energy centers are blocked, we pick up bad energy – and we feel the effects of that in our bodies and minds.

Energy Medicine to Restore the Spirit and Recover from Addiction

As your nervous system is the basis of your energy, it is the most important system in your body. It affects all aspects of your life. That’s why changing your energy on a foundational level is what makes full, lasting recovery from addiction possible. The good news is, this system can be repaired through the practice of energy medicine. Energy medicine works on your nervous system to encourage purification, healing and growth – when there’s no template for disease in your energy body, you free yourself up to recover at a surprisingly accelerated rate.

Here at The Sanctuary, we staff world-renowned energy healers and holistic practitioners who work with you to open your meridian lines, clear your negative patterns and balance your energy centers so you have an unobstructed pathway to connecting with the universe and your highest self. By addressing your mind, body, soul and spirit in a structured way within our intermodal framework, our clients recover holistically in far less time than they would in conventional treatment.

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