Healing the Soul

Healing the Soul

What is the Soul?

Healing the soul…We live in a culture primarily dominated by the ego, which is based on external reference points.  Your ego bases your “sense of self” and well-being on something outside of you, to which you have no control.  The ego can often obsess on what is lacking in your life, abandonment, old fears, judgment, performance, guilt, and shame.  Because the ego is based on external factors, it is always looking for the next thing to satisfy it, be it a relationship, drug, or material possession. The attempt to fill the void within your soul with something outside of yourself will never satisfy you.

Our transformation program focuses heavily on healing at the soul level. The soul bases its well being on internal reference points.  Your soul is intimately connected to your heart and thrives on connection, love, and authentic expression.  Your soul is where you will find your heart’s desire and life purpose. Your greatest personal gifts are accessed at the level of the soul. It is the place where you access richness and meaning in life.  It is the place where your creativity resides. It is the timeless, eternal piece of our essential self.

Healing the soul allows you to move from a life of drama, imbalance, crisis, and/or disease management to a life of embracing your epic life’s journey where your dis-ease becomes a catalyst for great change. Your life becomes meaningful, important, and is influenced by archetypes of power.

Often trauma in your life causes you to fragment — where you lose connection to parts of yourself. These are often parts that you lost, gave away, or had taken from you. In the psychological paradigm, this is referred to as “disassociation through trauma.”  We call this soul loss. When you are fragmented, you are not able to source from that place of wholeness, health, and vitality. Our transformation\program focuses on re-discovering and re-integrating those pieces of your soul. Our program allows you to not only heal past wounds but also to tap into new strengths and gifts.

Transformation of the Soul

Discovering the Language of your Soul

Your soul can only be accessed using the language of creative expressions such as music, art, poetry, and nature.  Our program works to identify your soul song and how you access it.

Soul Retrieval: the Sacred Treasure Hunt

You will retrieve and integrate those missing parts of yourself. You cannot be completely whole without them.  When you retrieve these parts of your soul, you find gifts that have you have been longing for but had no idea how to find.  These parts hold the key to your life’s purpose and your heart’s true desires.

Reconnecting With the Sacred

ALL life is Sacred. Your soul is longing for sacredness and meaning.  Through the process of transformation, you can reconnect to that which is most sacred to you. This is not a mental understanding but a deep heart-knowing.

Ritual and Ceremony

Ceremony has been part of our essential being since the beginning of time.  We will guide you to your soul’s song using ancient and modern ceremonies such as fire, guided meditation, drum journeys, art ceremony, sacred mandalas, and music. We will guide you to create your own rituals to take you out of the mind and into the mythic realms of soul and imagination.

Rites of Initiation/Rites of Passage

Since the beginning of time, important life transitions have been honored, acknowledged, and celebrated in advanced cultures. The Earth and everyone on it are currently going through rapid and dramatic changes.  Rites of Passage will help you navigate through change and be firmly rooted in the current stage of your life. Depending on what life transition you are in, this aspect of our program facilitates peace,  connection, and transformation. Additionally, these rites of passage transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past – your karmic and genetic inheritance. They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body – one that ages, heals, and dies differently.

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