Healing the Soul in Holistic Addiction Recovery

Healing the Soul in Holistic Addiction Recovery

We often hear talk of the soul, but what is a soul, exactly? The answer depends on who you ask. According to spiritual teacher Gary Zukav, “The soul is that part of you that existed before you were born, that will exist after you die. The highest, most noble part of yourself that you can reach for.” Iyanla Vanzant describes it as, “the fingerprint of God that becomes the physical body – unique in its own development and expression, but filled with the divinity that is the essence of all that is.” Though its ethereal nature seems to defy straightforward definition, most would agree that the soul is divine, eternal and beyond form. Our souls are our life force; our true nature; our very essence.

It’s through our souls’ universal connection that we’re able to find our life’s meaning and purpose. Because our truest selves reside in our souls, it’s important to keep in touch with this part of us at all times. When we’re out of touch with our souls, we’re out of touch with our higher selves and best interests.

But substance abuse inhibits that connection, by dulling our senses and ability to perceive the more subtle tones of life in which the universe’s messages are conveyed. And because our minds, bodies, souls and spirits are interconnected, we know that what happens in one of these areas affects all of the others – and that all must be treated in order to fully be recovered from addiction.

Holistic Rehab: Speaking to Your Soul in Ways it Can Understand

While our souls are eternal, unique and universally interconnected, worldly life often reflects a very different reality. Our ego blankets us with layers of fears, anxieties, judgment, guilt and shame that we must lift off in order to let our soul’s true light shine. It causes us to derive our identity and purpose from things outside of ourselves, over which we have no control – and the use of substances is an attempt to control the way we feel about those things and the affect they have on our lives. In this way, addiction is a symptom of losing touch with our soul – and its solution must focus on reestablishing that which has been lost.

So how do we go about that? By communicating with our soul via the appropriate channels. The soul can’t be reasoned with by force of logic and intellect – it thrives on love, connection and heartfelt expression. Just as the body uses food, touch and movement, the soul needs to be spoken to in a language it can understand. We can rekindle our relationship with our souls by exploring our passions, creativity and imagination.

Why Soul Work is Essential to Recovering from Addiction

If you’ve struggled with addiction for some time, you know the pattern well: reaching for external things to fill a void within you is a vicious and unproductive cycle. The only way to truly heal from addiction is to do so from the inside out – starting with your soul.

At The Sanctuary at Sedona, our integrative rehab program is designed with soul healing as a central component of the treatment process. We offer a well-rounded selection of therapies like spiritual counseling, energy medicine, breathwork and shamanic healing that are carefully combined to meet your individual needs. And all the while you’ll be nurtured by Mother Nature in beautiful, powerfully energetic Sedona, Arizona.

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