Healing Ourselves with Food

Healing Ourselves with Food

Healing Ourselves with Food. The advent of the Internet has given us an encyclopedic knowledge of the role of food and nutrition in maintaining health and overcoming disease. We now have access, for example, to 5000 years of Chinese medicine, 2000 years of Ayurvedic medicine, and tens of thousands of years of folk medicine and herbalism as we sit at our keyboards. Within those traditions, we find healing and health wisdom that is now well-documented by science and the personal experience of countless people. It is an exciting time to work with nutrition in the healing arts because we have this wealth of information at our fingertips as well as the research to validate it. It is also an exciting time for us here at The Sanctuary at Sedona because we have thoroughly incorporated this vital information into our comprehensive and holistic addiction recovery program.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates

Nothing is more fundamental than the food we eat. It shares a foundational position across all forms of life; living things require fuel and for radiant health, we require the right fuel that nature designed us to have. Our modern lives have estranged most of us from these fundamental concepts. In our harried lives, we have lost track of the natural wisdom of our traditions and consequently, we have lost our health. The great news is that we can easily reclaim it with the right information and the right practices. Anyone can do it—wherever they live and with whatever resources surround them.

Radiant health is our birthright. In the natural order of things, it is the rule and not the exception. Going back to the issues of food and nutrition, we can empower ourselves and our lives in ways we can’t really imagine until we have achieved them. Our addiction recovery program embraces optimal nutrition as a basic component of holistic healing. Good nutrition enables other healing modalities to do their jobs at the most effective level possible. Sustained by optimal nutrition, our minds are clear, we rest well, we think well and our energy levels are high and steady. Eating the right food empowers us from the inside out. It is an effective, manageable medicine with only positive side-effects.

We are very pleased to bring you the highly skilled expertise of our nutrition experts here at the Sanctuary. You can learn more about our program’s philosophy and practices involving food and nutrition here.

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