Getting to the Heart of the Matter for Addiction Recovery

What is the heart and brain connection in addiction?

Our program gets to the core of underlying issues that cause addiction. There, and only there, is it possible to effect true change that will support a full recovery from addiction. The very idea that full recovery is possible is a radical development in the field of addiction recovery. Our non 12-Step holistic addiction recovery program opens that door for you. We teach you the tools to move beyond maintenance and the management of symptoms when you leave us. This is possible because we make a concerted effort to keep our practices at the cutting edge of science.

In the last 10-15 years, for example, neuro-feedback science has given us powerful insights into the workings of the heart and brain in addiction. This is extremely important in addiction treatment and addiction recovery. Infamous for being out of touch with feelings, people struggling with addiction have actually experienced a lack of integration between the physical heart and the brain. We help you learn to integrate the functioning of the two. This honors what we have long known: that the thoughts and feelings we have intertwine to affect our health.

We think of the heart metaphorically as the seat of emotion; however we now know that this is a physical reality as well. Science has shown that the heart is a repository of feelings literally connected to the brain through the vagus nerve. When that channel is open, integration of the two occurs. This creates a sympathetic resonance between the two that is an optimal life-supporting function.

We work with you in our HeartMath program to increase your awareness of this connection through biofeedback technology. You learn in real time through our technology how thoughts and feelings affect one another by monitoring physical changes in the heart as negative thoughts are replaced with positive ones. This helps you choose a life-supporting internal world that optimizes your addiction recovery. When you leave us, you will be well-trained in working with your emotions and states of mind this way. You receive HeartMath software to take home so you can continue your practice.

HeartMath is only one of our modalities here at the Sanctuary.  It is a good example of our dedication to well-researched and well-documented science applied to addiction treatment.  You can hear Tomas, one of our staff members, discuss the impact of HeartMath here. 

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