Don’t Spend More Money on Drugs: Explore Alternative Addiction Treatments

Many of us seek recovery when they experience a tipping point of some sort – a moment of clarity when our perspective shifts enough to make room for reality. That moment of reflection can be life-saving, leading us to reach out for help. But what kind of help?

While you’re looking for an addiction treatment program, it’s important to keep in mind that for a truly sustainable recovery, an integrative addiction treatment approach should holistically treat all parts of you: your mind, body, soul and spirit.

Alternative Drug Addiction Treatment: A Well-Rounded Approach

Modern addiction treatment accesses a wealth of advanced scientific knowledge and healing modalities – and the positive effects of this are evidence-backed. Alternative drug addiction treatment methods like neurofeedback, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and various art therapies are proven to aid addiction recovery and reduce rates of relapse.

Alternative drug addiction treatments combine multiple approaches to create customized programs that not only alleviate your physical symptoms but get to the root of your addiction. A strong clinical component of intensive one-on-one counseling helps you uncover the driving forces behind your addiction and reframe the negative patterns that have hold in your mind. And an array of holistic healing methods can be used to complement this and advance your therapeutic progress, such as trauma-focused yoga to gently bring your body back into balance, and spiritual counseling to restore your connection with your soul.

Empower Yourself With a Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery

Recovery often doesn’t work when addiction is treated as a disease. That’s because the disease model of addiction creates a mindset of identity with addiction, powerlessness over your life, and constant fear of relapse – none of which is helpful for those who want to reach a state of being in which their health is optimized, they’re aware of their soul-derived purpose and their need to use substances is gone.

The empowerment process of holistic addiction recovery allows you to move beyond fear and vigilance over your addiction to a place where you won’t use substances because you don’t want to.  By addressing the underlying causes of the addiction, alternative addiction treatments naturally lower stress levels, increase self-esteem, and reduce painful physical symptoms. Free of self-defeating behaviors and self-sabotaging beliefs, personal empowerment in addiction recovery deeply heals whatever substance use has compromised – from basic biological and neurological function to the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of your life.

Move Beyond Recovery – Be Recovered.

Though the mainstream addiction recovery industry would tell you otherwise, the truth is that there’s no need to spend more money on drugs when you can utilize these alternative addiction treatments to be recovered from addiction, not just manage it.

The Sanctuary at Sedona offers a multidisciplinary approach to recovery, integrating techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, HeartMath, yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathwork, and energy healing to help you overcome what’s holding you back from living your best life.

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