Change the Brain: An Alternative Approach to Overcoming Your Depression

Change the Brain: An Alternative Approach to Overcoming Your Depression

Change the Brain: An Alternative Approach to Overcoming Your Depression. Is it possible to use alternative treatments for depression to tap into the power of changing the brain through the quantum field?

There’s a new term floating around the world of quantum physics: “quantum cognition,” which is rooted in a theory that suggests the mathematical principles behind quantum mechanics could be used to better understand another often inexplicable science — that of human behavior. This approach plays upon the idea of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life, and takes it one step further.

According to The Atlantic, “In quantum physics, the ‘observer effect’ refers to how measuring the state of a particle can change the very state you’re trying to measure. In a similar way, asking someone a question about the state of her mind could very well change it.”

What You Do Repeatedly Gets Wired Into Your Brain

At the most basic level, depression is merely a specific pattern of activated circuits in your brain and how they influence, interact, and impact each other. The particular circuits excited over and over in your brain become the go-to default patterns for you.

Or, more simply: whatever you think about most literally gets wired into your brain.

A depressed brain usually starts out like most every other brain. Yet, depression develops over time as the product of neuroplastic changes brought about by genetics, early childhood, life experiences, stress, social support and chance encounters.

In his book The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time, Alex Korb, Ph.D. explains:

In depression, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the brain. It’s simply that the particular tuning of neural circuits creates the tendency toward a pattern of depression. It has to do with the way the brain deals with stress, planning, habits, decision making and a dozen other things — the dynamic interaction of all those circuits. And once a pattern starts to form, it causes dozens of tiny changes throughout the brain that create a downward spiral.

How can you then turn the pattern around? This is where alternative depression treatment options can help.

What are Some Alternative Treatments for Depression?

One of the key things to note about neuroplasticity and tapping into the quantum field of energy healing is the fact every time your brain strengthens a connection to advance your mastery of a skill, it also weakens other connections of neurons that weren’t used at that precise moment. Think of it as an opportunity to erase negative patterns by focusing on what does work in your life.

This is why alternative treatments for depression and bipolar symptoms involve helping you find the things you love, which can include guided imagery in music therapy, expressive art therapies, sound healing therapy, movement therapy, nature ecotherapy, mindfulness meditations, therapeutic bodywork, skills coaching, rites of passage therapy, and more.

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