Addiction Recovery Redefined

Addiction Recovery Redefined


The Revolving Door of Recovery ~

Addiction Recovery Redefined. A great many of us have painstakingly pursued wellness through years of unresolved and partially resolved addiction. For us, ‘recovery’ wasn’t recovery at all; it was a temporary pipe dream–an elusive thing we had heard about and yearned for as we kept going in and out of rehabs. We were like children on a carousel, reaching and reaching for that brass ring. When we missed it, we would bolster ourselves back up and say maybe this time around… Meanwhile, our lives fell apart and so did we. Our bodies were battered with ill health and our minds were beleaguered with a sense of hopelessness. We lost our connection to the soul and the spirit.

Countless ‘chronic relapsers’ have been caught in the revolving doors of recovery attempt after recovery attempt. Their struggle and pain is unimaginable unless you are one of them, or find yourself in the heart breaking position of watching someone’s chronic addiction up close. The sad fact is that ‘chronic relapsers’ keep relapsing no matter how compliant they are–whatever it is that keeps breaking them down has never gotten fixed. Unfortunately, we have been tempted to blame them; they didn’t do it right or they would be sober. We thought of them as having failed treatment. From our perspective, we think that treatment somehow failed them, and that some were failed over and over again.

Where else would we be satisfied with results like this? Where else would we go time after time to get the same problem fixed with only temporary results? Certainly, we would not even tolerate that for mechanical repairs, but that’s exactly what many of us experienced when we sought help for our addictions. We don’t believe this sad scenario has been the addict’s fault and we can’t place blame upon the many skilled and well-meaning professionals out there who have tried to help either. We simply didn’t know for a very long time that a full and sustainable recovery from addiction is possible. We have the knowledge now, however, and it is based in well-documented science that grows every day.

Our philosophy and methods here at The Sanctuary at Sedona are on the cutting edge of addiction recovery science and they are effective. There aren’t any magic bullets, however. Our program is intensive and our clients work hard to experience deep transformation at the root of the problem. If they carry on what they learn here, they never have to go through a rehab door again.

If you would like to hear more about our non-12 Step holistic addiction recovery program, please contact us. We are happy to discuss any aspect of our work with you in depth. You can send us a note online here, reach us by phone at (877) 710-3385, or email us at [email protected]

To hear more about our philosophy, you can hear our founder and co-director, Dean Taraborelli, and other staff members, discuss our work on our Sanctuary at Sedona YouTube channel.


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