3 Steps to Healing the Brain in Alternative Alcohol Recovery

Addressing the damage that alcohol abuse and harmful behavioral patterns have caused to your brain is an important part of the integrated, mind-body-soul-spirit recovery process. But since your brain functions in multidimensional, complex ways, healing it requires a multifaceted approach. Here are three ways we go about this at The Sanctuary:

1. Jumpstarting Your Brain’s Self-Repair Processes

The first step to helping your brain heal from addiction is to nourish it so it can begin to repair itself. Because your body has its own set of self-healing processes, your brain is already equipped to produce the chemicals it needs to relieve pain, regulate moods and emotions and restore optimal energy. In fact, encouraging the natural production of these neurochemicals is a far safer, more effective, and more sustainable way of bringing your mental state back into balance than giving it artificial chemicals. One way we do this is via superfood nutrition – by giving your body whole, organic, high-vibrational foods that it can easily identify. Our integrative treatment program also includes a natural brain supplement protocol to help rid your brain of toxins and safely encourage it back to health.

2. Identifying Your Subconscious Patterns

While we’d like to think we’re consciously in control of our lives, the truth is that our subconscious is responsible for the vast majority of our mental functioning. Like a computer program running in the background, the unconscious brain generates 95 to 98 percent of our brain activity. When we experience a distressing event, our trauma gets stored in this part of the brain. Known as the limbic brain, this is the area in which we experience fight-or-flight. Over time, viewing the world through the lens of our own survival mode leads us to develop disempowering beliefs about ourselves, causing us to feel isolated and alone and leading to problem behaviors like alcohol abuse. When those issues stay in our subconscious, they’re not accessible to us to solve. This is why alcohol addiction is so difficult to overcome: when your actions are controlled by your subconscious, quitting drinking requires far more than a mere conscious decision to do so. Knowing this, we can use a variety of holistic therapies to bring these issues forward so we can evaluate and heal them.

3. Changing Your Conscious Thinking

Just as your subconscious brain needs to be addressed, so do your conscious thought and behavioral patterns. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is helpful for this, as it reframes the way we think about and deals with present-moment situations. A form of talk therapy, CBT teaches you to identify the origin of your disruptive thoughts, determine whether or not they’re realistic, and develop strategies for replacing irrational beliefs with more accurate ones. Since our thoughts determine our behavior, addressing our belief systems on a conscious level has a powerful effect on how we act as a result, empowering us to move beyond our need to self-soothe with harmful alcohol abuse.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Here at The Sanctuary, our dynamic, intensive holistic addiction treatment program is designed specifically to treat the multiple aspects of your brain – and your entire being – that have been affected by alcohol addiction.

For more on holistic alcohol recovery, see our article: Key Benefits of Alternative Treatments for Alcohol Withdrawal. To learn how we can help you get started on a journey of profound personal transformation, call us at (877) 710-3385 or email us at [email protected] today.